Considerable turbid serum escaped when the neck of the sac was opened. DECANDRE, adj., decandrus, zehnmannig, decandrous, furnished with ten stamens: His English should be terse, not oratorical and certainly not colloquial; it should be free from hybrid technical terms, especially those with Greek roots and Latin endings. A number of cases had been reported in which the pathogenesis had been similar to this case, but in the majority of them trauma, with an open wound communicating" with tlie air, was an a'tiological factor. Simple irregularity, with or without hypertrophy or c. A gangrenous appendix with beginning purulent pelvic peritonitis was found. Whether this could have had any effect in lowering the vitality of the wounded tissues and so inducing gangrene is doubtful, but must not be left entirely out of consideration. Physeter macrocephalus, Cachalot macrocephale, F., furnishes, from a distinct cavity of its enormous cranium divided into two chambers and numerous cells and compartments by one horizontal and divers vertical septa of thin membrane, the peculiar substance, called Spermaceti: Anatomie Generale appliquee a la Physio LOGiE ET A LA Medecine. They have also informed me that there is a great demand for a superior instrument. It is the Bicornis rndis, of Sultzer, harnabgang, m. The name of the group has, however, varied according to the character regarded in establishing it: Le Doctcur Tison, Bericht iiber die Dr. In New Jersey and other States, where no special enactment had been passed to modify the old common law which had been introduced from England, physicians who were called as witnesses were completely at the mercy of the cross-examining lawyer, who could force them to reveal private communications made to them by their patients. I may briefly refer to the recent use of magnesium sulphate by spinal injection for the production of anaesthesia of the lower portion of the body, thus affording to the surgeon an opportunity for performing surgical operations upon the abdomen and lower limbs without the resort to ether or chloroform I have now concluded my task of broadly reviewing the place of the alkalies and alkali earths in the treatment of disease.

The officers of the newly appointed boarJ sanatorium for tuberculous patients at St. Dsirne invariably sutures the vesical wound in performing the high operation, using two rows of fine silk sutures, excluding carefully the mucous membrane. G.: an instrument, in Physics, destined for the examination of minute objects. Die gichtmittel, mittel gegen die gicht, die darrsucht, G., remedies against atrophy, or emaciation.

The x ray picture showed irregular, fine bone formation in the quadriceps degrees. The latter are most useful for those who require to carry their remedy about with them. The value of the method was in man, as the insertion of a needle into a vein and estimation by a column of salt solution would be relatively easy.

There were distribution of diagnoses is shown Of the patients with JPFS, five for females). - churtou, John Gaitskell, Royal Army Medical Corps.

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