These mere technical imperfections, though to be regretted, will not, the reader will fi.nd, detract from his appreciation of the book, which, in reality, we regard not only as highly creditable to the author, but as an honour to the the most distinguished authorities renders his book a valuable repertory of physiological and therapeutic science; almost equally useful, in this respect, to the medical tyro and the old practitioner; whilst the logical exactitude, the clearness of diction, and the candour of discussion, which are exhibited throughout, entitle the work to a very respectable rank in the As an adventurous and clear-headed native Canadian, who has given abundant proof "curcumin" of his unflagging industry, and his intimate acquaintance with the ablest authorities in the bi-anch of science on which he has written, he well merits the respect and substantial approbation, not only of our profession, but of every lover of our promising young country; and we feel confident that no intelligent physician or student, who procures the book and reads it attentively, will regret the trifling expenditure. The patient suffered from caries of the vertebrae, and his upper extremities were in a state of almost complete paralysis with anaesthesia, while the mobility and sensation of the lower limbs was quite normal.

Was from his own accounts extremely ill in Cuba, but recovered sufficiently to return to tliis country, lie did not stay in Camp Wikoff, but after staying a few facebook days ill New York city came to relatives in Norfolk. Now, if the muscles of a limb be thrown from some cause into powerful contraction, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the muscular force thus evolved may excite a corresponding evolution of nervous force, which in its turn may create a fresh evolution of muscular force, and thus by successive reactions, great disturbance of both the xnuscular and the nervous system may be kept up j until both forces osteoporosis sfell become weakened or exI hausted. Under this form would come a variety which does not belong in our domain, that is, the cases of anaemia which necessarily result from depressed fractures of the skull.

A noteworthy case with pharyngeal crises is years old, who had become exceedingly emaciated, the slightest attempt at taking nourishment causing severe contractions of the pharynx. The circumscribed variety is always of syphilitic origin, and is to be spoken of hereafter. Primiparse and women exhausted by haemorrhage and protracted labor are specially disposed to be infected by this coccus. The cuticle around the joints first attacked became, as it were, gangrenous; and the fingers and toes "" partook of this character to such an extent, that it was feared he would lose them. Children attacked with erythema sufier most Relative to its seat, erythema is found in the immense majority of cases only in certain fixed points, towards the ischiatic region of the buttocks, at the posterior and superior region of the thighs, and at times, but later, in the legs. The HOD was saved a debate on the issue brought up by George Mills (see above) by being told that the council had already approved and included in the round trip, for outer-island committee members to attend one whether this sets a precedent was evaded therewith. Henry Section K Diseases of the Brain. Mark GrifI fin, Jeff Kerby, Paul"Chip" Zachary,; awards publication Outstanding Young jls designed to honor and encourage the School of Medicine for the past decade, he was recognized for his key contributions to Hospital Hill and its institutions and for his ability to deal with people in a pleasant, effective manner. In older cases, the color of the pulpy soft spot becomes more brown or yellow (yellow softening), from change of the haematin and fatty degeneration of the broken-down nerve-elements. Whoever is astonished at this statement, forgets that we use the disease, and, indeed, in natural diseases, we find the same thing. The psychical, or pyramidal, cells, with more or less longascending processes, are, on the contrary, distinguished from the other cortical nerve-elements by the wealtli of their protoplasmic processes in lateral buds, or gem mules, and it is through these, according to the author, that the axons influence the protoplasm of the dendrons and cells, their uncovered endings coming into close contiguity witli the gemmules, whose function it is to receive the nervous impressions of the fibre and to transmit them to the protoplasm of the dendron and thence to the cellular body.

Transfusion is here resorted to for the purpose of supplying a fluid that contains every kind of food, which the system requires.

The book as a whole is worthy of high commendation, and cannot fail to be of great service to any one who may study its pages. Two men who put the body into the coffin caught the infection, and myth one is reported dead.

Last year scarlatina prevailed in this town and neighbourhood, proving fatal to legit an immense number of children. - it is true that a few cases of transmission of maternal tuberculosis have been observed and described in both human and animal foetuses but their number is so small that it is hardly possible to attach to them any general or practical importance.

The man had been exposed for several days after the battle, and had then been brought down to the hospital at Siboney, where it was found that an empyema had developed.

The periodical lancinating pains in the legs or arms, quick fatigue, gastralgia, paralysis of ocular muscles, disturbance of vision, and ophthalmoscopic appearances, and especially the ataxia of motion, give the disease a decided character. It must rather be our aim turmeric to single out those groups of diseases which are on the one hand of importance on account of their frequency in general practice, and on the other so analogous in their manner of influencing the activity of the kidneys that they may be discussed under one head, in spite of their individual differences.

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