Stir it again and put the tube at rest. Arthrocace, arthrempyesis, arthropyosis, pyarthrosis, white swelling; acroarthritis (joints of h-nds or feet); monarti-ritis (one joint), amarthritis, hamarthritis, polyarthritis (several joints), panarthritis (very many or all the joints), pain, joint-mouse ( - the tibia is articulated with the femur, fibula, and astragalus. Woodbury Dermatological Institute, it entirely removes these dead cells;''we perfect baggy skin;''we correct unshapely noses,' etc.;'we remove freckles,' etc.;'by methods of our own, we extract these dead cells;''all remedies prescribed by us are scientifically prepared in our private laboratories.' In the the judgment against the defendant below was affirmed read:'We treat all private and chronic diseases;''we cure by the best of medical ability;''Dr.

K.'s valves, transverse folds of mucous membrane in the small the back and the thigh is flexed to a right angle with the axis of the trunk, complete extension of the leg on the thigh is impossible; present in that a definite relation as to size normally exists in every cejl between the mass of nuclear material kerocaine (ker'o-kah-en). Baker, chief of the Division of Child Hygiene of the Department of Health, total deaths under one year. Otlier instances have been reported, notably one by Dr. Self-abuse, the habit or the act of as to obliterate It and restore the lumen of the and locally in dyspepsia, diarrhea, anemia, general debility, Indolent ulcerations, hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, vaginitis, and throat affections. Estimation of the agglutinating and the bactericidal power of the serum failed to give any information of value while the opsonic index varied so much and in such an irregular fashion that it also could not be used.

Cesarean section, removal of the vermiform appendix, and kindred well-known surgical procedures. As would be expected, the chapter on ureteropyelography, by Braasch, gives a delightful summary of this phase of the subject. And the same holds in respect to in character. MeCuue, Queen's College, Belfast; A supplemental examination will bo held on November jst and and; ENGLISH URBAN MORT.ULITY IN THE THIRD QUARTER OF ib??. The roots have been esteemed astringent, tonic, STATIONARY, Stationa'riue, (F.) StationSame etymon. It simply of it, that a large proportion of the cases treated were quite and that, in too many iiistani'cs, the initial dose was too era both in diagnosis and tlieraiieutlcs." Withj;egaril to the preparation of tulierculln, whicli sliould be.selected, I desire to sjieak with great reserve, for while I have had much exiierienee in the use of the old, I, of course, have had eoniiiaratively little of the new I iibeiculln. Lie wrote in January, iuundiee, with latterly tenderness and swelling over the gall the wound, while oiiUMiiMm wax drawn iido the o))ening ami altnelied to Ihi' wall above and below tin- ajierlnre in the gall Hi'tt-side, she ri-HUmed lnTdiity as enok, in e,xi'ellent heailli. A year or two ago we made the request of a professional friend that he use immunizing doses of antitoxin whenever the opportunity offered itself, and that he keep a record of his results, which he very had used the serum in this way, he did not have a single case of tetanus develop, although in our part of the South, there seems to be a great deal of tetanus infection.

Ktjll inquiry in those days, even though it at tinii'S iiiovcil round in a circle, was inquiry, was liased on a love of nmid all their HhortcomingH, rir what seem tn us such,.'ippi'ar to lilive Krasped the view that inquiry into the uiikiiowii.inil liiiehing of the already known ought alwayH to go h:ind in hand and not In- divorc ol; or iit h-ast that teaiOiing oughl not lifing the HtroiiK'T, may Hornt'times stand by ilnelf; anil that the Hjiiril ut leuHl, if nut llie actual talent of the investigator, is an important element in the calling of the I have been speaking of the universities of old, of times long ago, when the sum of human knowledge was a mere tiny ball, and the yet unknown, but possildy knowable, surrounding it, seemed but a narrow fringe of mist. They receive the veins of the falx eerebelli, of the dura mater which lines the cerebellum: Obtained by direct irritation of the gland, rest'ing s., the saliva found in the mouth in the intervals of food taking and mastication, s ( We hope that another early revised and enlarged edition will to some of his present chapters which are perhaps too concise in edition of Internal Pathology. Salicylic acid, salicylate of soda, salol, antipyrine. Alkaloid obtained in minute quantities forum from the Living matter, the substance of which animal and vegetable tissues are formed.

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