The faradic current is ineffective unless its voltage Is enormously increased, in which case the Intensity would be great and the excitation very painful. Extension at the knee is weak but not flexion (

At that time the patient was incoherent and disoriented and an accurate history could not be obtained. They differ, however, with respect to potency, duration of action, and relative effectiveness after oral administration. The buttocks are forced backward by the pressure on the patient's knees. It is better to depend on the swelling than the x-ray pictures in very early cases of osteomyelitis.

Holmes denounces this course of reasoning as"inveterate logical error;""the post hoc ergo propter hoc error; he got well after taking my medicine: therefore in consequence of taking it." Forbes urges the same repudiation of the argument, and seriously proposes"to dissociate in the minds of practitioners the notions of post hoc and propter hoc." In place, however, of this habitual, familiar, and, as it would seem, indispensable mode of reasoning, they offer us no other. The decimal coinage in this country reflects an interest in the value of the metric system. Stbinoe botam, id est ingenium meum quia sicut rota vehitur circumquaque, sic ingenium Egidii omnium causarum (?) capax. The nation should search for one environment as possible, with water tables as deep and isolated as possible, as far away from people as possible, on land that already has been contaminated with radioactive isotopes, and on non-productive land the federal government already owns. Lag iff sides together, it may remaio ia this sitnatioQ witboat mCm citiBg abscess, or prodacing any incQDfenience. Of the above, the sun is by far the most important Directly or indirectly the sun is the source of nearly all the available energy we possess (c) Mechanical Sources Of these, friction is the chief, (d) Electrical Currents. Alcoholism is a multidimensional illness; it is a biopsychosocial disease involving the body, mind, and society. In the fatal case,, the patient was bled by her own desire, and could Of tne cases which terminated unfavourably, two died after hot appear that aiiy of them were insfpected. De vulneribus et ulceribas oculorum.

He has already made a place for himself in society, and after lobotomy he can resume his old work which he knows well. Until his successor is elected, the Superintendency will be attended to by Dr. "Fibrositis" has been supposed to cause sciatica. Many would risk life time and again to be rid of it.

If by carefully setting out the route of a round a saving of one hour's loading time per week, only, can be effected, the extra loading time thus obtained represents, during one year, the equivalent of a week's work for the entire team, in the case of a weekly collection The commencing point of the first round is most important and care must be taken m its selection Local conditions are the deciding factors in fixing this point, and as an example, if there is a main road running through the district, a good starting place would be the point where the boundary of the area meets the main road This would allow of the collection vehicle working up the mam road on the left-hand side, taking all side roads as they are reached, until arriving at the boundary at the other side of the district and then turning back to work similarly along the other side of the mam road The direction of travel as a general rule will be along the left-hand side of the road There are times, however, when this rule can be altered with advantage so as to avoid a waste nm, or in order to decrease There may be certain roads in the district with houses on one side only, and by woilung along the wrong side of the road (that is, against the traffic) a waste run may be avoided. When facilitating the health and well-being of the pregnant addict' Medical, Historical, and Behavioral Indicators Knowledge of the medical, behavioral, and historical identifying characteristics of addicted or alcoholic pregnant women is the primary task of an intervener when preparing for a treatment-oriented intervention. The most interesting piece of work was probably that done by Captain McLean in his investigations into the presence of albumen in the urine of healthy men. But it was also hard to discipline Sergeant York when he was first called to the colors.

The Committee tenders its grateful thanks to the generous donors for these gifts.

Of Obstetrics in the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland.

However, every Basedowic does not respond to this therapy, and other means must be used to influence the malady. The infiltration tends to make the skin separate from the cartilage more readily.

Sich dem Studium Gelegenheit Professoren von ausgezeichnetem Bufe unter seinen Lehrern zu verzeichnen, wie Heidenhain und Haeser in Breslau; Bamberger, Linhart, und Graefe in Berlin.

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