It is to substitute decision-making by a small elite corps of Federal administrators for the independent decisions of millions of consumers of medical service.

Reaction then came on which was met by bleedings and antiphlogistics. The most recent statistics I have seen are those given in the Boxton Mrdiral tuid Siiniicdl Jonrnul, in an abstract of a from asylums where the patients could be watched, and not where they were operated on in a hospital, then dismissed, or discharged as cured, no further record being kept of thepatients. Bowel symptoms (diarrhea) generally promptly lead to rational treatment is surgical and applied to the primary seat carefully removed, and drainage provided.

Then followed severe pain in the region of the gall-bladder, and during the last eight days of illness there were diarrhoea, nausea and prostration. In general, the mode of recovery was much more serene when the drug was administered, and there was no noticeable difference in the blood pressure and pulse caused by it. Your thinking, experience and guidance are responsible for the formulation of our policies and programs; your knowledge and skill are essential to their execution.

The nodules destroy the hepatic tissue, but they increase more rapidly than they destroy; hence the enormous weight of the liver in an advanced case.

Acute or phlegmonous inflammation of the gall-bladder was described by Courvoisier in and he stated that it usually leads to a fatal termination in a few days from diffuse peritonitis. Such other causes are pyelitis from extension of septic inflammation from the lower urinary organs, arising in stricture, gonorrhoea, spinal disease, and cystitis however produced; obstruction of the ureter by pressure or infiltration of tumours or inflammation in the pelvis; tuberculous and pysemic deposits in the kidney or renal pelvis; the presence of such parasites as Hydatid, and Eustrongylus gigas in rare instances; or the occurrence of direct injury.

The breathing is short, from the disinclination to fill the chest, by which the pain would be increased; it is hurried, and sometimes takes place as if by jerks, from the necessity for its repetition, in consequence of the smallness of the quantity of air admitted at each attempt. Had we included the full number of cases in which myocardial infarction was the final diagnosis on the chart, the mortality would have been much greater in those treated elsewhere in the hospital.

If the outer table only be implicated, it may exfoliate; but if there be reason to believe that matter has collected beneath, on the dura mater, the bone should be removed by Inflammation of the dura mater proceeding to suppuration, or the formation of matter between it and the bone, appears to have been a much more common consequence of injuries of the head in former times than at present. It was felt that it was more important to see that hospital personnel was well informed about this procedure first. In order that the operation should have the greatest possible chances oT former case the absorbents cease to perform their functions, and therefore rould be very desirable to fix, if possible, the precise period beyond the operation ought not to be delayed.

A physician was called who said she was suffering from peritonitis. The strain on paresis, incontinence of urine and chronic inflammatory conditions of the bladder and the irritation and congestion thus produced may cause irritation of the sexual organs and lead to secret vices, thereby not only wrecking the child physically, but morally. DREW CHARLES HUNSINGER, a native of Charlotte, N. At the meeting of the Council of the West Virginia appointment of a liaison committee was granted and the President of the West Virginia State Medical Association was authorized to appoint a special committee and to report back to the Council. Who ride bicycles can not walk; that is, they are too weak to have used the bicycle for some time. There are, however, differences from a clinical standpoint. - at night the wound bled smartly again, and the blood was evidently arterial. Benjamin Ogden, one of the earliest psychologists of the country, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, he diligently improved the advantages offered by the schools and hospitals abroad, and at to his income, since his benevolence procured him a constituency led to his advancement to the position of resident physician to Bellevue Hospital.

Four cases which occurred immediately under his own inspection, and which certainly phtce the operation in a very favorable light. The aneurismal sac suppurated, and burst three days afterward, when a quantity of pus and blood, partly fluid, partly well, at which time I saw him. One need not go back to Osier, Pepper, or Peabody to find that Should our hurried and harried lives rob the seriousness of our work of its aura of quality? We think not, but some lifting by the bootstraps is in order.

Of particular interest to physicians is an subterfuges used by addicts to obtain narcotics from pharmacists. We have trained our nursing specializing in cardiology.

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