This is the chief index of power and on this basis alone is economy of forces to be estimated and conserved.

That in cases of longer standing, as a rule, operative interference was necessary. Already the agriculturist supplies to the soil these wants gewichtsreduktion which his failing plants need. There may be differing opinions as to what this is. It has generally been asserted that one-third of all the suicides in Sweden are effected by means of poison, but M. The treatment to be expectant, and this morning a spica is applied, and atrophy of the thigh, no resistance to passive motion. This law worked very well as long as the various handling of such dead, but as soon as the demonstrators refused to pay such sums and to claim the unclaimed dead as their legal property, the said law on being studied by interested persons gave no right tg the colleges, but only the permission to the commissioners to confer such favors on the colleges, at any rate that is their construction of it. To construct a curve of elongation, the units of weight added successively are taken as abscissas, and the lengths corresponding to each load as ordinates. There was at was at a loss to know where to begin the treatment.

The experience of a number of other Daltonians, upon whom he experimented, The author claims that these experiments, if they do not entirely subvert the Young-llelmholtz theory, at least prove that the colour-blind owe their peculiarities of vision not to an atrophy, more, or less complete, of the redperceiving elements, but rather to a special susceptibility to the green and violet rays, or, more exactly, to the colour complementary to fuchsin. She said he wanted me to leave the burial certificates for them. No marks, afterwards needed, and she was able to perform a portion of her household duties escaped the previous day without pains, but they commenced shortly afterwards aod continued to increase, and at the time of my attendance were strong bearing-down pains, and the intervals extremely short. Division of the sympathetic causes narrowing of the palpebral fissure and permits retraction of the eyeball (and projection of the relaxed third eyelid in animals). Scott's case it was the laminated fibre alone that weighed what he stated. In one case material was aspirated through the trachea from the esophagus, causing pneumonia. On several occasions attempts were made by me to insert a small drainage tube into the puncture opening and leave it in situ, but on each occasion symptoms of weakness and uneasiness on the part of the patient required its removal.

Says the former are agates, diamonds, and other precious stones; and the latter tobacco. In this case the wound healed throughout in three days; and although, at the first dressing, a portion of the newly-healed surface was torn open for about a quarter of an inch, that reunited, and, on the sixteenth day, the patient was able to return to The styptic fluid, in most cases, acts well by itself; but it also forms a base for many other useful medicinal agents. By means of a double otoscope, also, the relative freedom of the passage of vibrations through the tympanum on each side may Lastly, the effects of removing the atmospheric pressure from the meatus, by Under the care of Mr.

Or, without the formation of a large cavity we may get an extensive thickening of the lung substance by the formation of fibrous tissue and marked contraction of the lung. Casey had been"hurt some." The"some" referred to being a compound comminuted fracture of the arm and a loss of the left leg just above the knee. If the diastole is rendered difficult by increased pressure within the pericardium, irritation of the vagus is beheved to cause a prolongation of the diastolic distention. She was anaesthetized, and another attempt at reduction by taxis was made by Dr.

Yandell is so convincing as to leave no doubt that the individual members of the faculty of the Louisville Medical College have been writing to medical students in various States, soliciting at a greatly reduced rate under the very thin disguise of beneficiaiy scholars' lips.The letters of a character which would disgrace any respectable school; they are filled with vainglorious boasts, puffs of the Louisville concern, and insinuations as to the worthlessness of rival colleges. What percentage of gastric and duodenal ulcers may be expected to be cured bj" medical means? Five hundred cases treated medically in the London Hospital in the five years from Of the medically treated ulcers in the Massachusetts General dead or still suffering at the time the report was made, five years Massachusetts General Hospital. The comparison tells wonderfully'in favor of Dr.

Somewhere down in Citrus County, in the interior of the State, there lived a woman, one Mrs. Parents refusing to have any surgical operation performed, iJthough the tumor was nearly double the size when last seen.

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