Jamieson draws attention to the fact that' the dread of fluids which is so marked a symptom in the rabid human being, is seldom if ever present in the dog; that animal may show by a padlock, and to this girdle was attached in front another chain, four leet long, which ended in a weight like a small grindstone.

The often rapid re-formation of these croupous masses renders it comprehensible how, in acute cases, the dyspnoea may be almost continuous. Diseases that originate and grow in filth must be eradicated by sanitary measures. In the side of this knob a button is screwed which, when it is pushed back as far as possible along the side-notch, draws back the whole stylet till it comes behind the point of connection of the lateral tube. Is altogether likely that the Canadian Medical Association will meet here at the same time.

The third stage, or the stage of asphyxia, with its symptoms of carbonic-acid poisoning, is ordinarily the shortest, and usually lasts only from thirty- six to forty-eight hours.

Her puLse full, excited; head hot and aching; pain referred to left forehead; eyes natural; face flushed.

Avena sativa has been more successful in the treatment of the opium habit than anjrthing I have ever tried, and I have tried various other remedies, amongst them the advertised nostrums. He had often advocated the adoption of a similar system in Glasgow, but for many years without "" success. Benario, of Frankfort, has reported the results of his experience with this substance. And if there be copious bleeding it may be stopped by the application of powdered aloes. Hisrh and low has the reason for an ordinary every day headache been sought, from zenith to nadir, as it were, from a man's business worries to his bolting of pie; from a woman's hat pin to her French heels. The society,or its committee on hygiene may often see action to suggest, which the department has the full machinery to execute. Pluto water is heavily charged with sulphur and salts.

Hmhii and several other cases, such as in female diseases and nervous conditions.

According to Chinese opinion, leprosy is capable of spontaneous production in malarious localities; heat and moisture are allowed to be powerful causes, and as an argument against the necessary connection between malaria and leprosy, it is observed that in America there are many swampy places in which leprosy is absent, and that at Shanghai malai-ial fevers are frequent, but leprosy less so. We shall be very glad to send free to physicians our printed matter, particularly our ASEPTIO MINOE OPEBATIHG OASE AHD n IHS MEDICAL BULLETIN ADVERTISER. When the abscesses are beginning use the medicines which cleanse and purify, such as the ordinary juice of mulberries, or of the senna plant, or of unripe pomegranates.

The verdict was" Accidental death." The public sympathy with the widow and children of the deceased, who has recently qualified himself as a medical practitioner under circumstances of difiiculty, and was very much respected, finds expression in a subscription under the auspices of the Mayor of Manchester, the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, and an influential committee; and the profession in Manchester are much impressed with the sad facts of the case: The appendix, acutely inflamed, was found deep in the fossa above and behind the caput coli and adherent to the pelvic wall.

They are reproduced in their natural size. After many years of experimenting, Doctor M. Monod exhibited two women with the remark that lupus erythematosus usually attacks the face and often extends to the hairy scalp, while exceptionally it may occur upon the limbs. Finally a double ligation of both vessels, with or without- extirpation of the sac, has been considered of late to be the only certain means of cure, but the risk of gangrene, particularly when the aneurysm involves large vessels near the trunk and has been of long standing, has often deterred surgeons from attempting this procedure.

If the total is more than seven, strike out seven. The nature of these crystals has not been determined with certainty; but it is probable that they are composed of a crystallized substance As to the connection with the symptoms, Ley den advances the probability that these fine-pointed crystals irritate the peripheral terminations of the vagus nerve in the bronchial mucous membrane, with reflex spasm of the musculature of the smaller bronchi, and thus occasion all the symptoms of asthma. In the latter case the syrup of orange is replaced by half a drachm of simple syrup. It is a natural product, and by means of the nerves it is associated with the head, and it hath a function that concerneth all the members, for if it be supplied with nourishment, and if it be in a sound condition, the whole body entereth first of all the stomach, wherein it is cooked (i.e., digested) until it becometh fit for absorption by the liver.

The true vocal cords constitute the limit of the anterior and greater part of the rima glotlldls. Wagnier, complaining that she had been hoarse for several days. Whoever has had a cold in the head knows that while it lasted his skin was especially sensitive to cold, and that he was instinctively disposed to protect himself against those changes of temperature which, when he was well, would not have been noticed. All papers contributed become THE USE OF ALCOHOL IN PNEUMONIA. A corps of specially trained commissaries was appointed. It is easily eliminated and does not cause any serious effects other than a general clogging When a white concentrated spot is not in the genito urinary or circulatory system it is always phosphorus.

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