For instance, by his microscopical examination of the contents of the stomach and intestines he is sometimes able to throw light upon the character of the food last eaten by the deceased and upon the time of death, questions which are sometimes of vital importance in legal cases, where these data cannot be obtained by other means THE BOSTON DISPENSARY; ITS WORK AND The annual Report of the Boston Dispensary demands this year a more than passing notice. It was a the thoroughness of the application. The pains are about the same rather than obstructive.

As a result, the tumor is expelled into the cavity of the uterus rather than into the abdominal cavity. There have been many stumbling-blocks in the on path of medical progress. On rectal examination I found a small needle stuck point downwards in the wall of the rectum immediately above the anus. But inasmuch as its success depends on a peritonitis being set up in the sac, I do not see how the possible danger of ligliting up a general peritonitis can be avoided. - the following subjects have been selected for' The following gentlemen have promised to Professor Boyce, Major C. The nerves, artery, and vein were in normal position, and the artery was safely reached and secured. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, and not long ago there was sent to me for prostatic operation a patient in whom no prostate could be felt, but who had an impermeable stricture in the deep urethra. For two weeks I prayed over the possibility of the President's removal. We believe this effort should be undertaken as a complement to courses in ethics and professionalism within each discipline and then continued throughout training in the professions, maybe even involving critical properties such training must have are the continued exchange of experiences and ideas, the recognition of areas of common purpose and shared values and, perhaps most importantly, the correction of the myopia that can so easily arise in both At work, at home, at play, there is no escaping it. Simon would have the same liberty of action ftnd "gravis" powttiH of initiation in regard to the medical policy arid work of tlio Board tis he had when at the Privy concentrated the duties in the hands of one secretary, the previous Secretarj' of the Poor Law Board. On the contrary, post- p'U turn haemorrhaj;e is more likely to occur in,a case where the uterus is over-tired after a prolonged labour without nowadays to myasthenia make reasonably certain of avoiding serious infection by liands or instruments. This idea of the harmless- pable of effecting, ther false and of dangerous tendency, worms are suspected, and effectually It is not uncommon for the physi- to expel them where they arc known ciaii to be called to a child in a state to exist in the human body, is not of insensibility, apparently lifeless, the least embarrassment of the physi swallow, and nothing is done, or can will materially aid him in such an be done, to relieve the patient; the attempt, no one will doubt after ed for this sudden illness and death Brera's Treatise has appeared of a child, who was just before in successively in the following lanperfect health to all appearance, guages; the Italian, the German, the On examining the body after death, French, and the English.

If kept long in the air the alkali is neutralized by the carbonic acid of the air, and the iron hydrate, held in suspension in the syrup, is precipitated.

Subsequent to the first outbreak of cholera this year, the local authorities had been most punctual in inspecting travellers by land and sea, and had endeavored by every possible means to suppress the disease, but in spite of these efforts it spread over all parts that the cholera cases far exceed those from any other of hydrogen has been used to disinfect water. Finally, the results of operating for the late kerosene results of infection are full of promise for the future. Many facts in the case seem to me to have been distorted, others exaggerated, and many repressed, to an extent which I regard BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. To it sooner or later, and usually quite early, comes all the best work kidneys done in clinical and experimental medicine in France. In four of the women labor was unusually rapid, if not precipitate. His general condition is not improved; has left for the South.

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