Eagerly as the whole medical profession in this community has entered into the spirit of the new undertaking, the names of Prof.

Pain, nausea and vomiting are more constant and more often excited by liquid food, but the pain is usually less intense; appetite may persist to quite the end, but, as a mle, it gradually lessens until finally the patient may turn from food with nausea. But the headache was not so severe as is usual in intracranial tumour or abscess, and when first seen, although optic neuritis was present, there had been no purposeless vomiting. In answer to some questions put by the coroner and jury at the adjourned inquest, it was stated that, when arsenic operated as a poison by external application, a long interval sometimes elapsed before the usual symptoms of poisoning appeared, and death did not take place until after several days.

In other cases the aorta seems to move more toward the right side, usuallj coming also more to the front, and in other cases there is an actual transposition of these vessels. The passage of a bougie might determine the seat of obstruction, and thus assist in the diagnosis, but great caution must be observed lest penetration of the softened tissues occur. At first it is well to remove the dressings containing the pus twice daily; later, once daily will be suflicient.

The urea may be diminished, but it has been found increased in some cases by Quincke, Eichorst, and Laache. The doctor was noted for being brusque and unceremonious, A great London lady, a high and mighty leader of turned on him angrily and asked:" Do you know to whom you speak?" an old woman with the stomach-ache." trass for one year, baying but one testicle in scrotum, be supposed that a lump by the roofof penis was the undescended organ.

During the afternoon of the will hold a meeting to which all Fellows of the Academy up of the doctors of Kings, Annapolis and Digby counties ( The spleen is very rarely invaded by new growths other than those already mentioned, and then almost exclusively either from direct extension from other parts or by metastasis. It afl'ected chielly girls, and spread by autosuggestion and imitation. Jledical museums should be arranged, in part, for the instmction of the public, and.

It is demonstrated that the actual perversion of the red cell formation lies in the bone marrow but the cause of this is quite unknown The fimction of the spleen in easi-s of pernicious anaemia has been extensively investigated in the Mayo Clinic Prior to No THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL showed that the average life of pernicious anaemia cases ameliorated, that the relapses were less severe, and that the cord changes were less rapid. Clinical exfjerience gives similar proofs, and cold efiusions, evaporating lotions, etc. Stanclift, "" Student, New York performed upon all domesticated animals and upon man for claim that the operation was in vogue before the time of have sanctioned castration in both males and females of the human race for social reasons. Excruciating neuralgic pains in the extremities are also connnon and very persistent. Under the microscope an abundance of broken down casts and granular matter was seen.

Effervescing drinks, oxalate of cerium, creosote, small doses of ipecac, hydrocyanic acid or tincture of nux vomica, bismuth, and various other remedies do not give relief, but seem rather to aggravate the symptom by exciting the vomiting afresh. If for instance, the spinal cord in animals be pricked in the dorsal region, it is found that sometimes there is produced a cessation of the activity of cells there, and we have anaesthesia upon the opposite side and loss of will-power upon the corresponding side. You are all aware that surgery in such cases shows a far more discouraging record. In clumsy hands oesophageal sounds or catheters may abrade or even tear the mucous membrane and subjacent Symptoms.

A degree of exertion can be safely mamtained in full training which would be quite impossible under other circumstances, because by a gradual process of what we may call physical education the heart has work. Treatment, when applicable, should consist of stimulant dressings, This is one of the commonest accidents of draught oxen.

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