Always in demand as a speaker at medical association meetings throughout the United States, he made appearances at international conventions in London and Athens, contributing to Members of the profession and laymen alike who were personally acquainted with Doctor Moorman felt more than impersonal respect for the dean of Oklahoma physicians ( Been realized in a remarkable degree. He is going to do the operation on the first suitable case. GlLMoRE, Robert, Esq., Assistant-Surgeon (additional), io the Eat CowEN, Philip, Esq. With us he works furtively among the very humblest social elements. This ought not to be allowed, and immediately a case is found by the veterinary attendant to show unmistakable clinical signs of the malady, it should be reported and destroyed. Die Neubildungen der Nasenholer u. Good, nutritious food, with iron tonics and diuretics, cases, it is necessary to' tap' the animal. Though improvement in the general at night; slight discharge on dressings; wounds broader than originally, and there is pain on pressure on the head of the tibia some pressure on the malleoli.

Preston was the first woman to hold the position of dean of the college and was largely instrumental in founding the Woman's Hospital Wu Ting Fang, Chinese Minister to the United States, then delivered an admirable address. Their use is supposed to be to modify the rays of light. Wolff argues from these facts that the true mortality of the cases under that the total death-rate from typhoid fever in general hospitals admitted late in the disease, or with complications which no longer admit of treatment at their homes, will under any treatment prove more or less fatal." The statistics of the German Hospital of Philadelphia, for the five years previous to the epidemic during which Dr. The function of menstruation should always be conserved if possible and the patient thus spared the nervous shock. In his opinion it matters little what form of splint we use, so long as we put the part at rest. From the appearance of the first specimen it looked as if a portion of the stomach had done its work and become slightly distended, while a portion devoid of function formed the constricting bands. This case was seen by several gentlemen well able to judge on the point, and they agreed that the characters of co-existent favus and tinea tonsur.ans were well and distinctly marked. The fourth case had proved rebellious to all treatment. I have named it stump pregnancy, it having occurred in the remains of a tube, the proximal end of which I had not entirely removed. Baldy of Philadelphia said that he had had a case in which the tumor extended over the bladder.

The post-mortem showed extreme atrophy of the suprarenals, a small tuberculous focus in one of the poles of the right organ and a marked contraction of the entire intestinal tract. A Bill for the regulation of the sanitary laws of the port of New York has been introduced into the United.States House of Representatives.

The physicians' supply houses are here to exterminate the retail druggist if they can. Adequate space and the necessary fittings for properly exhibiting the carriage, and all risk from injury or loss, must be borne by the exhibitors. These are not so often the result of accidental overdose as of attempt at suicide.

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