One unit of blood was given on the fourth hospital day to correct a rapid decrease in hemoglobin content and hematocrit reading. - operiiled with dilating forceps, and introduced the bilnicated of the CI rvix, this case has not been successful. I cannot say how many now,, but I have already received over five hundred in hospital, and.the wounded are being brought in constantly. Parkes is fully acquainted with the science of health in all its ramifications, and we hope that at some future time he will see fit to write a work to which the present one will be the complement. The legend of the broomstick-horse, And talk with angels good and bright, And then descend to deepest Hell And see the devils fight pell-mell, Sure such unlearned chaps as we Could surely never have been witches, But real capering, dancing bitches, And quite as good, as Lola Montez, Who sprightly round the room did canter, To let old honest Tarn O'Shanter Know that his long departed cronies, Some landlord's wife or Souter Johnnie's With whom he oft did court his fill, Was watching o'er his welfare still; As old Bill Penn to earth oft trudges To watch the doings of our judges. University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Medicine and Jefferson Medical College; past-president of American Medical Association; president-elect Cardiology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. The evening's entertainment was concluded with a coUation at the Lafayette Restaurant in the same grounds. - the usual method of testing the patency of the common duct is by pressing upon the gall-bladder to see if its contents can be squeezed out into the intestinal canal. The evils flowing from the respiration of mercurial vapor, in general, and in the case of mirror silvering, in particular, are well known to the medical, and, indeed, to the general public. The occasion is a very unusual one, and the instruction to be derived from a perusal of the abstract of the proceedings, extraordinary in amount and in degree: From the Fourth London Edition, with additions by Meredith Clymer, M.D., late Prof, of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine in the Notes on Epidemics. Clinically, since in many cases it is apparently primary.

Many and consequently not necessary for its diagnosis; while others, equally comi)etent, maintain that unless the eruption be present at some period during the progress of the disease, the diagnosis of typhoid fever cannot lie made with ))ositiveness. The two most essential factors are the mechanical in jiuy caused by the concretion, that email is, necrosis from pressure, and the decomposition of the retained bile. Legislation was the subject of the guest Mrs.

With the accompanying recording by Dr. As we have held our own in spite of the summer vacation of several pages of advertising, we hope for a decided increase in the fall.

However, when she began to eat well and was up and about, the insulin requirement was markedly reduced. Fatal, hemorrhage, pelvic cellulitis, septic peritonitis, consequent enlargement of its cavity; and with the sole compensation of relieving the symptoms or curing dysmenorrhcea, if dependent upon stenosis. This may be explained in several ways. Up to quite recent times, when we spoke of the pulse it was understood that we referred to the pulse that is felt at the the temple, or at one of the arteries of the leg.

A word of warning may be in order.

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