If a strong effort at intonation be made by the patient, the cords quickly approximate but as quickly recede, so that voice is not produced, although apparently the effort of the patient is continued. Improvement has been noticed in all but three cases. Sexton w hether he believed the administration of mercury in these cases relieves pain when there is pain, and, if so, what is the theory Dr (jobs). Following manner; the hold is connected by means of a length of hose with the forcing arm of a pump, a stream of sea water is poured on each part to be washed, which must be preliminarily scraped and scrubbed; the washing can be considered as sufficient only at the moment when the water pumped out of the hold is as clean as that last pumped in, whereupon all the compartments of the hold are to be abundantly and protractedly aired, using, if necessary, an air pump. Some more probable reason for the complication may exist, but at present I can only look upon it, as Professor Da Costa does, as a curious fact of which no accurate The following brief histories of a few cases of empyaema are presented not as examples of any new plan of treatment, but simply as additional experience with what are now probably regarded as the best methods of treating a condition which is interesting alike to the physician and to the surgeon. Every army must be supplied with a personnel of medical officers of adequate number and well trained. The operation was performed under very unfavorable circumstances as to time, favorable circumstances, when the dire alternative of In a case of intestinal obstruction I think that milder measures, such as purgatives, enemata, and critical condition; then an exploratory incision HYPNOTISM IN A RELIGIOUS MEETING. As long ago as the days of Pliny, necklaces of amber were worn by women and children for the sake of their supposed remedial powers. White was to read a paper entitled Some Studies of Hypnosis and the Phenomena of Consciousness Report of a Curious Case of Septicaemia. A strip of iodoform gauze was inserted into login the vagina.

There is not the slightest reason for believing, however, he continues, that the method acquires any further constitutional influence than has been spoken of, and it seems an absurdity to suppose that it will distinctly affect the rhoiimatic diathesis or in other way prevent those relapses which in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic rheumatism are the destructive factors of the disease. A- characteristic feature during this period was the severe pain which, in the fever, often affected the lumbar and sacral regions, and the tenderness of the effect of the treatment being manifested. Indeed, cardiac disease due to syphilis seems to be far less frequently encountered than gross vascular Professor Zakh-'XRIni"., of Moscow, according to believes that the in frequency of cardiac syphilis is not real but apparent, and complains of the want of proper attention to the subject on the part both of clinicians and of pathologists. - perhaps the labor-saving formulse of prepared pills and other medicines are responsible for this. It could not be till he had marked, time after time, the blossom following the bud, and the fruit following the blossom, with, perhaps, the seed sprouting into the plant, in the free lap of nature, that he could approach the idea of utilizing the result of tiis experience for his own advantage.

I advised an operation on the mastoid as the quickest way of securing thorough drainage and Two days later the patient returned and went to the hospital, where an anaesthetic was administered and the mastoid perforated in the usual way. I ordered the gelsemium to be continued in two-drop doses every two hours, and also one grain of calomel every two hours until five doses were taken. Sometimes among charcoal-burners one finds pieces of charcoal sufficiently large to see a pore or two under the glass. Now, will the readers of the Journal kindly express themselves "" as to which diagnosis was, in their opinion, remarks that the hydrochlorosulphate of quinine is readily absorbed by the skin. Thus it is clear that Grimbald lived in the royal court and travelled about with the king. The case was treated antiseptically, and with the exception of a somewhat slow union of the fragments of the ulna, legit no trouble was experienced But the interesting feature of the case appears later on. In a thorough medical survey of the community, however, certain other problems will arise, if the work is to be done on a uniform basis and if it is not to be an excessive burden upon the practicing physician. And there are also cultivated varieties of primrose, furnishes us abundant and striking evidenoe. In the ouiokest walking, when we touch the ground with the ball of the foot, and not with the heel, this interval of time is somewhat less. Oliver makes by adding thirty four grains of s-alicylic acid, and thirty minims of acetic acid to eight ounces of distilled water, and filtering to secure perfect transparency.

Haemorrhage sometimes ended the case. In all this, reference is, of course, made to the external electrode, which in the treatment of the uterus and its appendages is usually placed upon the abdomen.

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