The health of the patient rarely ever suffers from any of the varieties of lupus, except it be from constitutional syphilis.

(a) The instruction and training of sanitary troops in the best methods of handling gas cases and of the rank and file in first aid to the gassed. When inhaled, little decomposition takes place until the. The old-time method of calculating the date when the event in question should occur is to count nine months and a half from the last menstruation. The general practitioner, who discovers a large percentage of these cases, will not find much light on the subject in the books in his library although the matter is adequately covered, to the extent of our present knowledge, in the new of latent syphilis in an article which was when it heart occurs during the first four years And every experienced physician who has ruminated over the unpredictable and illogical reactions of syphilitics, both treated and untreated, to their infection will agree many patients, if they live long enough, will develop grave lesions in the cardiovascular or nervous systems or benign lesions in the live in perfect harmony with their spirochetes and, except for a probable positive serum reaction, show no clinical evidence of infection, and they eventually die from In regard to the various serologic reactions the author discusses the Hinton, Kahn and Wassermann tests and esteems them in practitioner when he receives conflicting reports from different tests done simultaneously upon the same patient. Trauhej another great Berlin pathologist of to-day, and the first who measured temperatures on alarge scale, advises in inflammatory fevers, at the right time, small depletions, calomel, and digitalis: the proper time being a little previously to the expected crisis.

The symptoms may be indistinguishable from those of infectious coryza, but only an occasional bird is affected, and the disease does not spread. And - the conclusive nature of the former proof may be shown in its acknowledged application to the spiritual part of man. This tick differs from the American dog tick in appearance in that the adult has no white markings on the shield, which is plain In combating the brown dog tick it is necessary to treat not only the infested animals but also their sleeping places. The bowels were active, some discharges were copious and looked more natural, others, liquid and dark. These facts greatly complicate the already difficult task of determining the true nature of the disease or diseases present. Don't you doubt for a minute that the doctor and patient had an interesting time overcoming cinchonism. Routine gross and microscopic examination of various organs and tissues, including intestinal tract and brain, disclosed no chronic change of any significance. We cannot forget his gentle and high-bred courtesy of manner, never obsequious, nor in his case incompatible with a keen relish for social enjoyment; of late years combined with somewhat less reserve perhaps than formerly, but always diffusing a genial influence and gathering dignity from the purity of his character and the gentlemanlike quality of his sentiments. Then, too, eclecticism does not begin and end in our organization, but its influence has reached the reasoning faculties of other schools of medicine.

In some alveoli are sheets of cells with pale nuclei and indefinite outline, probably actively growing masses of epithelium. The heart was also trimmed uniformly and completely emptied. But these surveys, incomplete as they may have been, did show that hookworms still were a public health problem, especially attacks in the southern counties of our own state. The findings in the trachea and bronchi are not given in the protocol and no histological material was preserved. In the examples detox from Haller, the animal heat was probably the stimulus.

Besides these experiment stations, numerous other institutions in various States are investigating the avian leukosis complex particularly as it relates to leukemia and similar conditions found in other species, including man.

Calculi in the urethra result from the stones that are formed in the bladder and lodge in the urethra. Responsible for extensive losses among deer and buffaloes. While it is proper to take pride in these great past achievements in medicine, we must not assume a slumbrous or lackadaisical frame of mind and complacently rest on our oars (water). In other cases the vesicles were surrounded by an erythematous zone, which later became brownish. In these cases, the leeching should be allowed to progress till the approach of syncope, unless arrested for the substitution of general bloodletting, which we In general bloodletting, the blood being abstracted more directly than in leeching from the general circulating mass, it reaches the diseased vessels almost on the instant; various sympathetic influences, (some of the most important of which are yet to be noticed,) are brought to act simultaneously upon them, and as these are the direct result of a sudden impression, the more rapid the loss of blood, the more powerfully will these causes be brought into co-operation. With these fecta before the author whom we quote, he defended the humoral pathology. The area of the normal heart shadow as determined by the planimeter The condition of the lungs was determined in a large number of animals by means of physical, fluoroscopic, and stereoscopic X-ray examinations. Just what the doctor gave in his office prescription we are not told, but he attaches no importance to that; it was dog The writer attaches a good deal of importance to M. The Attending Physician is Dr. He says that children will readily take, in the course of twenty-Cour hours, from two main points in the treatment of this Section are, (a) to apply something which cures as well as soothes; leg and of the ankle, and is often connected with varicose veins. Insufflation of air was tried, and failed; an enema of warm water was given; this, tumor was found to have disappeared; the bowels acted spontaneously on the next day; and the boy's recovery was complete.

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