Bulletin de la Societe de medecine et d'anatomie pathologi(pie. A patient, now insane, manifested, at the age of ten, decided symptoms of mental aberration, and to such an extent, that, occasionally, for days it was deemed necessary to confine mechanically the hands, so mischievous were the child's tendencies.

To make a series of horizontal cuts spaced about and continuing to the base of the papillary demonstrating involvement of the ventricular wall in cardiac hypertrophy or in myocardial g. They adduce much evidence to show that these particles are oxyphileand neutrophile granules, escaped from leukocytes, and as a result of numerous experiments, they sui)port the theory first brought forward by Hankin and upheld by the observations of Kanthack and Hardy, that the"alexins" elaborated by the leukocytes form at least certain granules, seen in certain leukocytes. Bardeleben, of Berlin, however, calls attention to the fact that these ideas are not new. In nearly all the cases the fislonger and told her mother what had oc- tula dated from an abscess near the rectum, in the bladder.

As regards the range of the diplopia, it occupied not only the centre and left of the visual field, but extended more than two feet into the by means of sinapisms in the cervical and upper dorsal regions of the spine, and had been taking a tonic mixture. There were forty deaths from apoplexy, and forty-two from sun-stroke in the total mortality all produced by the effects of the great and prolonged heat. Beside the ordinary directions for the use. The latter two are especially tubes. The movement of the whole mechanism across the board is controlled by a drum containing a coiled spring the vertical action of the rod, makes the action of the aj)paratiis almost automatic, it being the horizontal movement of the trolley and the vertical movement of the perpendicular rod as it moves across the patient's body, and records the curve of the back on the piece of paper fastened to the table Ijy wooden Paris, gives an account of the various forms of apparatus used for recording scoliosis and descril)es in detail those used by to those that record the shape the lateral deviation of the spine, anil l)y means of a second plied with numerous metal "" fiugxM-s, which project toward the thus pressing- against the body of the patient, who is placed inside the circle. If now the chin be elevated by the fingers, the fibres of the masseters which run from the zygoma forward, and the poste rior fasciculi of the temporals will drag the condyles into their proper functional position. Having been bled before he came to the hospital, we did not resort to venesection, but abstracted six ounces of blood by cups from the neck. Inflammations, pustules, hydatids, and ulcers invariably and very painfully affect the mouth and fauces. But afterward, as the tumor increased in size and seemed very firm and resisting to the touch, it was diagnosed as osteoma, and its extraction decided on. Virehow and some of the other prominent physicians who are also members of the leffislaiive body are trying to bring about a transfer of the management of medical matters to the ministry of the Interior. In neuralgia of the upper part of the face, the division of the superior maxillary nerve has grown into favor among surgeons. Worms's treatment, and said to have been living demonstrations of its successful application. Tubercular bone-disease and joint-disease would be understood and remembered more readily were the subjects grouped together, whereas tuberculosis of the spine is placed early in the volume, and tuberculosis of the other bones and joints is placed near the end; and some confusion would be avoided liad the treatment of the foot-deformities of infantile spinal paralysis been considered in the chapter on infantile paralysis, instead of being intermingled with similar foot-deformities in the cliapter on congenital club-foot. MODELS of all kinds will be supplied, either made here or imported, and casts of every description taken and painted to He will be happy to supply the FACULTIES OF MEDICAL COLLEGES with every description of PREPARATION OR ILLUSTRAION FOR MEDICAL TEACHING, or the establishing Joseph PakcoAst, M, D., Professor of Anatomy at the Jefferson Medical College, and Surgeon to the Pennsylvania Hospital. His principal food consists of beef-stcaks and mutton-chops. The bacteriological laboratory founded by Pasteur at Constantinople by request of the Sultan, has just reopened its doors after a long interval of idleness, due to from want of funds.

The best method "" of cultivating the gonococcus, according to these them. He condemns unqualitiedly the use of the probe, and from shock (

The thermo-cautery is far superior for the purpose to tlie old cautery-irons. No notable lesions were found in other organs. Briefly, ing with potash soap, water, and nail-brush, the skin is thoroughly softened by prolonged immersion in a sterile solution; the hands are then disinfected with an alcoholic sublimate solution of sufficient strength to destroy in a short time such bacteria as may remain. They all lay in single rows with the long axis parallel with the muscular fibre.

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