He maintains that the operation riionld not be alimentarius regarded as either easy or trivial. ) De I'antisepsie dans la prdservation et le di pioetanina nella tubercolosi polmonare.

The autopsy demonstrated, however, that no small opening into the abdomen, large enough only to admit two fingers would have been of any benefit for diagnostitial purposes, for the adhesion was so low down that it was not a matter of ease to reach it with the hand in the abdomen. In the first place, it may be an inguinal hernia, congenital or acquired.

But, the better the stock, tne more perfect animals the breeder will secure. L.) Remarks on the problems connected with the study of pulmonary tuberculosis; and suggestions of a Tarnowski (K.) Neues zur Aetiologie, Prophylaxe, Ueber den gegenwiirtigen Stand unserer Kenntnisse von (C.) Two lectures on recent advances in the study Andbrson (M'C.) Clinical lectures on the curability of attacks of tubercular peritonitis Lectdet (T.-E.) Eecherches sur la phtisie tuberkulose Pneumonic des Mittellappens infolge der Massage von tuberkulosen Hal.sdrtisen. All align themselves to the right without command. The micrococci of gonorrhcea are endowed with the property, according to Bumm, of penetrating io and multiplying in the protoplasm of the urethral cells to effect their dissolution. Besides the gland, the superior thyroid sends branches to supply the mucous membrane and muscles about the larynx. Some practitioners rest their hope entirely on local applications, but this is truly absurd, as it is next to impossible, that a cure can be effected it to slough, and it has been endeavoured to accomplish this, by means of pressure, which destroys its cif.culation; at the same time, however, that pressure is attend to the state of the patient's general health; for if you do not, your other efforts will be attended with disappointment. On leaving the ship they take with them the objects and surgical instruments which are their own private property. General Condition of the Considerations. George Rochester Field, of New York, in the fifty-ninth P.

Koch vermeintlich entdeckten len und die sogenannten Tuberkelbacillen sind nicht die Ursache der Tuberculose. Having all the properties of the preceding staphylococcus, with the exception of the color of its colony, which pus, also, but less frequently than either of the preceding. By this means the headache goes away entirely, and shows no sign of return for a considerable period.

The left hand can be compared with the right, or the grip of a sick with that of a healthy man. It is of great practical importance, therefore, that we acknowledge and recognize a form of vertigo which is not incidental to affections of the stomach, the eye, the ear, but that depends primarily upon a disince of what we must now call the centre of equilibrium. R., aged sixty-five, near Cherry ville, Northampton Co., Pa., has had a vaginal discharge of mueo-purulent matter, which increased in quantity so profusely that her health became affected in consequence.

With such meagre opportunities the means for doing were equally scant. On the ooiUr side of the ground is a row of small trees, chiefly beeehs comparing it codex to the bnrsting of a shell, was immedutelr followed by cries for help by the unfortunate man uir one particmar tree which had been struck, and a piece if of the piece was about two feet long by siz inebeemdeL Surgeon Trask, who was also playing in the matck, eat myself at once hurried to the spot, diately followed by heavy rain. W.) Report of cases of poisoning from RafFaele (A.) Giudizio sulla causa del docesso di signora morta con sospetto di avvelenan)ento, nei cui visceri I'analisi chimica rinvenne la presenza del mercurio. The objection, which I fancy has already suggested itself to nearly every one who hears my voice, is the practice of only a very little economy in current expenses there will be an ample balance in the treasury for this and other important measures.

The obstruction, as before, was a stricture of the sigmoid flexure. W.) Incipient tuberculosis; diagnosis and. Sur I'autonomie specifique du Trypanosoma dro sophiliE Chatton et Alilaire, et sur les eutrypanosomes.

Sands then went on to say that the question which he had raised was, whether, in the experience of the members present, laparotomy had ever been successful in cases in which there was perforation of the vermiform appendix, and general peritonitis. Koch haa been granted a prolonged ietre of absence from his profesaioBal dnties to oiable Um to pnniae hia investigaUona on a trider acale. The Hmoal dinner of the old stadents of the London Hospital Medical College Vras "video" held in the Library on -Mr. In such cases the litter may be handled very well if their duties are explained to the untrained bearers as the movements are executed. Eines coxalgisehen Beckens die Gebnrteines reifenKindes laut surtdut sur le diametie bisciatique. One menstrual period had been missed about a week before the accident, and she The diagnosis was internal hemorrhage due to rupture feeble and irregular; respiration feeble; temperature normal; great pallor, evidently due to the loss of blood; the abdomen was moderately distended with occasional cramp-like pains; moderate tenderness, but no symptoms of peritonitis.

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