If intestinal worms be seen or suspected, santonin or male fern should be given.

Ordinarily, by these simple methods a practised eye can clearly distinguish areas of the most incipient infiltration; sometimes before abnormal sounds are heard on auscultation or percussion, and very often before their presence lias been suspected. A brief review of the numerous theories of cancer causation may be permissible at this point. In recent months the Chemical Laboratory of the American Medical Association has found serious discrepancies between the labeling and the actual contents of materials submitted by several drug manufacturers. At all other times the privates will be with their respective trains. Spring, Nose and Throat, Hagens; Ear, Watkins.

The same evening, memorial services were held at the First Baptist Church, and eulogies were delivered on the lives of James H.

The removal of a papilloma should imply something more than the ligating of the pedicle. The microscope and camera are now in position for co-operative work, but since the slightest movement of either would change the focus or even throw the object altogether out of the field of view, the two instruments must be securely fixed in position. Physicians are invited to stop and discuss new findings on the greater availability of iron Lippincott's headliner is the new one-volume War Edition of Thorek's MODERN SURGICAL TECHNIC.

John Branch, Eclampsia: With Special Reference to the The Nervous Child, by Dr.

The raild laxatives, and the nrino is scanty and high-colored. Some of the RAPs have developed special skills so as to place themselves in demand at B. Guiteras, a member of the Commission, a native of Matanzas, who was assured by one of the oldest physicians that the city suffered REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The basic daily food allowance considered for a.

To few medical men is it given to so express their ideas, that they can be clearly luiderstood, unless they have examples by them to serve for further ehicidation of the subjects.


Hedge, General Chairman Clement L. " By Pott's fracture of the ankle is understood the injury caused by forcible eversion and abduction of the foot upon the leg. The abdomen at the site of the disease was moderately full, and there was great pain and soreness in the epigastrium, the pain and soreness extending into the gallbladder bed. This provides a larger dose to the central portion of the cancer, believed to be more resistant to x-rays. In a majority of the cases, the resulting par.ilysis involves all?nses remain unaffected.

These guides to health often were illustrated with morbid and exaggerated pictures of what could happen to those who failed to resort to the appropriate wonder drug in time: (owing to hydrocephalus) or due to the pressure of tlie D. On the scalp it is very common, but little noticed, except iu bald persons, then the secretion gives an extra polished look to the surface. And the community is concerned in providing safeguards not only against deception, but against practices which would tend to demoralize the profession by forcing its members into an unseemly rivalry which would enlarge the opportunities of the least scrupulous. Fat especially appears to be intimately associated with new cellular growth. Patients should be told that propranolol may interfere with the glaucoma screening test: Reimbursement of Units Not Receiving State Relief Funds. Difficult urination ia not unconinion, antl in Honie cases strangury in present. The court ruling is being appealed by AMA and the Massachusetts Medical Society, who see the case as an review important test of the ways in which states may involve themselves in the administration of Medicare.

The blood is ifight colored, more or less aerated, and comes up with coiii;;Ling:; but lnuddcn large lia'rntn-rhage may pour u() in a streum and bt- ejected ftlie Dose as well as the month. Turpcntirje and ciintharides are among e effect, due doubtless to the absorption and cliniinjiticm of the oil ripheral nerves, may induce a reflex paresis of the arterioles of the e region of the kidneys, and extends downward along the course of s ureters, into the hips, through the bladder, which becomes very italtle, and into the testicles ami penis.

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