F.y a young machinist, of excellent habits and good muscular development, on his return from a shooting excursion duriiig the flood of March, In an hour afterwards, I was called to take charge of the case, and found the patient much prostrated, and very anxious with regard to the fate An examination showed a terrible wound of the upper extremity. If at the end of this period of one month patients are found not to be suitable cases for the Rutland Sanatorium, they are to be given opportunity of transfer to one of the other state sanatoria and their names placed at the head of It is not believed that this vote will cause any hardship to any patient. Horsley maintains that marked protrusion of the dura indicates pathological intracranial tension, obviously a sign of great importance. Now, the mandrake is of the same genus as belladonna, which has a greater power of annulling sensibility than any plant in present uBe, unless it be aconite; and it is thought not unlikely to possess the ampstbetic quality ascribed to it, at least to such an extent as to bo employed in surgical operations under its influence without The narcotic and aniEsthetic properties of Indian hemp were known to the Scythians, who inhaled the fumes of hemp-seed thrown upon red-liot stones; and Indian hemp has been set Thebes.

Was a member of the internal medicine and allergy staff the American College of Allergists and a member of the American Academy of Allergy, the Aerospace Medical Association, the St. And if the to and fro currents, formetl in the finer wire, can be divided at pleasure, it gives a very perfect instrument with three sets of currents, the to and fro and single currents from the long fine wire, and the extra current from the coarser.

All the medical examiners in the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York, are constantly looking for this type of evidence.

In tax weeks' time from reviews the adoption of the stramonium treatment the case was cured. One would imagine that the presentation of such figures would be followed immediately by the general adoption of measures to prevent a is proved by the results obtained in Baltimore, Washington, San Francisco and our own city which passed and enforced prohibitory city ordinances. In Italy, free beds are provided for venereal patients who are treated until all danger of infecting others is passed. Microscopic diagnosis revealed a secondary abdominal pregnancy with papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary. The fact that there is at present a considerable diversity of opinion as to the proper treatment of cervical tuberculous adenitis, and that its occurrence is so exceedingly common, makes this one of the most important divisions of our subject. , present occasion, when Bpeaking of the different profesaiona, and r desirable was that of physio, which was equally favourable to a IJBct of our dispute was the liberty of the press. Wylie, of New York, recommends applying a blister over the breast to abort suppuration.

He knew that now and he also remembered country, the leaders of his community said to him, had been going to do. The House also adopted the statement of the Reference Committee on Medical Services, expressing the two previous sessions of the House of Delegates, the This was referred to the Committee on Medical Care Insurance. The chairman of the special meeting of the society will be held in San Francisco during the summer. Although the combining power of the toxin remained the same, its toxicity decreased.

The qualms which physicians may have had about goading the heart with an electrified needle were not expressed openly in print. However, we are only on the prelude of this war. In Chicago, addicts are known to constitute at least half of the fatal cases of tetanus.

Written inquiries are forwarded to such advertisers.

This disease is now in epidemic prevalence in several countries.

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