I have also noticed that, afler giving a'Were they genuine, would indicate the presence of every Patn, with no other indication of disease, most frequently occurs in neuralgia; and in examining malingerers the surgeon is led to suspect that affection; but they have tenderness on pressure, however carefully it is made, which is not common in affections of the nervous system; hence it becomes an important symptom of feigned disease. Thus, we will first note briefly the nature of habitual vomiting, and then pass in rev'iew some of the more serious maladies, especially of a surgical character, in our effort to disprove the oft repeated assertion that the symptom of vomiting has little clinical worth, and for all practical purposes Let us first consider the matter of habitual vomiting, that peculiar condition which bafiles explanation, usually occurring in females, apparently without cause and independent of organic disease. The author believes that if people could spend the summer on the Maine cost, the winter in Georgia, and the rest of the year in New York, they ought to be able to do the best kind of work at all seasons almost without the Treatment of Bichloride of Mercury Poisoning.

It is with pleasure, therefore, that we read of the introduction of a test of an entirely different order which promises to be a certain positive test for sugar in the urine. In none of these cases, however, do I feel that this would have happened at the time of diagnostic drainage if magnesium sulphate introduced locally did not possess the power to relax the sphincter and to contract the gallbladder wall. Their mode of invasion is prompt, and their extension rapid.

ErichfiEK, could have corrected him. Ru/consultation/list/ - his description of the technique of an operation, and his simple but very pronounced views as to the after-treatment of some of the most serious manipulations, will make his work valuable to every surgeon, while the student will find in it much that is of value, arranged for ready reference, in the bibliography which closes the work; while both will agree with the author that" abdominal surgery is no longer a field for legitimate and versatile experiment; certain fixed and REPORTS OS THE Ph'OGRhVS OF MEDIClSf.

Obstruction due to large pelvic tumor.

When an excess of food is taken habitually and for a long time, there generally results an abnormal accumulation of fat, it being impossible for the elimination of carbonic acid to keep pace with the introduction and assimilation of food, unless there be a large expenditure of heat and force in muscular work. This method, as described and practised by Smellie, shows it to consist of a reversal of the so-called Prague method, in that the body of the child is carried backward toward the perineum, with a view of turning the occiput out from under the pubes; the anterior surface of the neck resting on Professor Simpson, of Edinbuigh, said he regarded the great Dutch obstetrician as one of the most reliable obstetric writers, whose statements as to his success in practice he accepted without reserve.

Search should always be made for foreign bodies, for atoms of dirt or dust may have become lodged in the cornea or in the conjunctiva of the upper lid. Brainard, of Los Angeles, California, stated that he had used the method of producing artificial respiration by strongly elevating the shoulders, by raising the arms and compressing the chest in order to secure expiration. She had "" been unable to pass anything from her bowel, so the doctor said, for three days. Bauer, that necrosis and caries should have existed for so long a time without external manifestation; moreover, should have come, to a stand-still and fiiirly entered upon the process of repair. In the blood of yellow fever patients the organism may be present in such small numbers that an average dark-field search usually misses it. A true onychia, as has been mentioned, was recognized by naked eye observation in only one of our first group of rabbits.

The posterior vaginal fornix and peritoneal pouch are then cut through, the peritoneum is drawn down and stitched to the vagina; a ligature is then passed which includes the lower third of the left broad ligament, after this another which includes the upper and middle thirds. To sum up then, it is proposed that a complete physical examination, by a qualified and duly licensed physician should be provided every individual in New York City at least once a year. If we paint a beginning zoster immediately with iodoform, or some similar drug, the vesicles will develop as usual, but remain clear, the normal suppuration is suspended, and in the contents of the vesicles are found Pfeiffer's amceba-like organisms. Has been a matter of routine for many years wHh those physicians who have known the practical advantages offered by malt soup when prepared with Simple, economical and convenient, clinical experience Malt Soup is a remarkably usehd and effective substitute for mother's milk.


The First Form of Life on the Globe.

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