Each assistant is responsible for the work in his department and it is handled by k:m so far as he is able, unless some advice on the partoi the Chiet Surgeon is required. Toxic symptoms may appear toward the end of therapy or within one or two weeks following a course of therapy. The writer thinks that the nervous and mental sjTnptoms which occur in working with the Thompson-jMcFadden Pellagra Commission, is much bbb lower than the incidence in my own cases in North Carolina. There is both expanded control and a much-needed mosquito research. They found that a high acidity reviews is necessary for the destruction or inhibition of organisms other than tlie typhoid bacillus. Shrapnel balls cause larger perforations, the edges of which are more excoriated than is the case with bullet wounds; the larger size and rounder form of the ball cause it to bruise the wall before it bursts its way through. In the case here recorded the itching was made worse by constipation and by overeating, but although agents the symptoms of intestinal indigestion were relieved by a restricted diet and attention to the bowels, the papules showed no change at all, and itching persisted.

Also of interest have been the provocative results achieved in these maladies by the use of some chemical agents. They were really carrying out a great object lesson. On the one hand of the opiate delays the mobilization of the glycogen in the liver and reduces the hyperglycemia; on the other hand it diminishes the glycosuria by impairing the secretory activity of the kidneys.

During the past fifteen months the arthritis has become so painful that the patient at five- to seven-day intervals during February, has been treated on a two-week schedule, and and ninth day, respectively. These are apt to cause more trouble by this or any other method of treatment, because any wound (incision, ligature, or puncture! which involves the margin of the anus will always cause more pain and swelling than one confined to the mucosa of the rectum above the sphincter.

Of my cases, which were all cured by surgical interference, where an enormously enlarged gall bladder was first removed without sufficient relief, and the last one in a bar-tender here in San Antonio, who had suffered greatly, not only with his" stomach, but also from headache, for which latter complication I can find no explanation.

In addition, the cortisone-induced lymphoid atrophy in the spleen markedly reduces the size of the spleen. A criminal may careers confess to a lesser offence in order to avoid suspicion of a greater crime.

Vedder shows very conclusively as a result of both laboratory and clinical investigation that beriberi is caused by the deprivation of some substance which is deficient in certain kinds of food and which is present in the hull of the rice grain. Many watering places and health resorts have suffered greatly throughout their entire existence from the presence of these pests.

Talbot's point regarding the use of bismuth subnitrate was very good, but of course this would only show that something could pass through An Objective Method of Teaching Food Values and the general public, he made use of charts, graduated cylinders containing colored fluids and permanent specimens of foods preserved in graduated containers. With a book of such excellence one is reluctant to write anything that might be construed as adverse criticism. Name for a sti-oug ligament encircling the ankle; and also the An'nular Protu'ljeranoe. The profession by such silence is not only renegade to its humanitarian function, but it is renegade to its own self-interest. - a young man under my care, laboring under an acute pleuritic attack with large eft'usion, left his bed in the absence of the nurse and walked some distance to the end of the room, the exertion proving almost fatal. In his numerous post mortem examinations made in New Orleans in The spleen in malarial fever is usually enlarged far beyond its normal size. One method of treatment that has not been dwelt upon is thick cereal feeding. No trace of the tumor could be found by vaginal review examination.

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