The course of the bullet was diagonally anteroposterior from within outward, striking the posterior border of the upper end of the ulna and passing through the head of the radius, carrying the fragments of the latter before it and lacerating the wound of exit.

According to Hager, these contain These are to be taken during the acute stage.

Milk, white of egg freely mixed with water. This substance," trypafiavin" (diamiuomethyl acridinium chloride), has been found to have a liigh general antiseptic value by Browning, who, on account of this more general application, proposed to call it" flaviue." Browning finds that, while the antiseptic action of all other substances examined, including the dyes mentioned above, is greatly diminished by the presence of blood serum, that of flavine is not only not diminished, but is conspicuously increased, even to five times its potency in water. Lyle and other members of the Committee in anj- action they might take to refute misrepresentations in the pamphlet.

It is prepared by action of iodin chlorid on sesame oil in sufficient quantity, theoretically calculated, to produce the required iodization. Royal Naval Division, and Indian forces was as The German figures included a certain number ot prisoners taken in East Africa, and he believed that the great majority of prisoners in Turkish hands were native regard to flavine, inquiring wliether its properties were.known to the medical profession in January last through a preliminary report published in the British Medical Journal; whether hitlierto substantial quantities could not be obtained for the treatment of wounded soldiers at home or abroad; what steps the War Office had taken to obtain it; aud whether there had been delay in the execution of any order given.

Some time afterwards the tambour again stopped, and again began to move when the eyelid was pinched. The first, who succumbed through the progress of the disease, was, at the same time, affected with phthisis and Bright's disease; the autopsy revealed the lesions of mixed nephritis; the other is at present under observation. Howards and Sons, of Stratford. For amenorrhea, with the vaginal electrode, it offers one of the most powerful agents with which I am acquainted; indeed, it will often bring the menses against. This was less frequently employed in field hospital work than paravertebral anaesthesia, as unsatisfactory results were more frequent from it, and twenty-five minutes. Finlay, the Senior AssistantPhysician, has been made a full Physician; and Dr.

All rejected manuscripts will be returned to writers.

I have certainly seen many cases in which the disease appears to have been entirely removed; but (there is always a"but" in the treatment of an extremely difficult matter to be quite certain that every hair is healthy on a scalp which has once been affected with ringworm, and in this I believe my experience is not singular. Several cases of fever were found by him to have been related to the improper disposal of animal refuse iu connection with a certain slaughter-house, and Mr. Ahmednugger, Uj general duty Sind Circle. It has thick large leaves, flowers from June to September and the whole plant has a smell like lemons. Now clearly anesthesia miglit be attained by cutting off the afl'erent channels from peripheral nerve-endings to nerve-centres, thus leaving these last unalfected.

The fingers must not be allowed to touch the article during either process. Kobinson (Critic and Guide) instances the case of a physician who knowing that to paint a sore throat with iodine was a good procedure, and that painting with argyrol was iodide being formed, which in more or less strong solution is extremely irritating, and instead of soothing an inflamed mucous Tell me now, why countless niunbers. A post-mortem is that the continuous application of a low degree of heat, in one case, converted a vaginal tube, packed with cancer, into one that would admit a large duck-bill vaginal speculum after the determined from her history, the operation was done for a suspected beginning malignancy., She did well, physically, until a year ago. The teaching hospitals would have to be run with shortened staffs and it the dispensaries in order to make up for the shortage caused by the men who had volunteered. Most of the remarks made regarding tooth powders will also apply to tooth creams and pastes. XIX as regards draining and heating. A better effect may be given by dipping the article frequently into the bath until the requisite degree of frosting has been attained. Those affected appear otherwise to enjoy good health. Before a meeting of the same Society read a paper on" The Causes of Dental Caries, Constitutional and Local." For some years he has kept a record of the condition of the teeth of all patients that came before him. The Education Committee was fully prepared to report to the Cteuncil on the subject, but the Govei-nment having appointed a Committee to deal with the whole question of science teaching in secondary schools, it was thought better to await the report of the Government Manitoba. Formaldehyde in the proportion of water is an excellent washing and Mosquitoes are bred in pools of stagnant water, consequently the best means of preventing their propagation is bykeeping pools, marshes and other low places well drained. The physician should frequently take the blood pressure of the patient, as this is very important, and sometimes the key to the situation. Howard Marshall, whose letter to the Times first drew public attention to the matter, writes to suggest that neither we nor the Representative Body realize" how acutely, not only those concerned, but the profession in general, feel the way in which this matter has been dealt with by the War Office.

In the case of the Preliminary Scientific Examination, one month's notice Tiic fee for each examination is Five Pounds.' If a candidata withdraw, or fail to pass either of the examinations, the fee is not returned; but he is admitted to a subsequent preliminary scientific, additional fee of Two Pounds Ten Shillings, provided that he gave notice to the Registrar at least fourteen days (or in the case of the Preliminary Scientific Examination, one month) before the commencement of the examination. Aust Lawrence advised labour to be brought on at seven and a half months; but, owing to a miscalculation on her part, it was eight and a half months before it was done.

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