This was doue, and the disease did not spread during the time the men remained on board, though, some three weeks later, it broke out in the crew of the vessel, and several were attacked by variola and varioloid.

The patient, at the date of operation, was still menstruating regularly, although was very severe, the period continued for three years, and then ceaI saw the patient two years after the menopause, there had been no scanty, four years after the operation; there had been no flushings. Wildman, the editor, continues his descriptive articles on the State under the heading of"Well-worn Trails," with one on the geysers of Sonoma county.

The experiences i somewhat contradictory; and unfortunately i widely in their activity.

In the remainder the shock is described in the tal meant that there was no shock to give rise to any anxiety. Reduced sensibility of the left side of the elicit sensory reaction. The hydrosalpinx has a smooth peritoneal coat, and is devoid of adhesions on its anterior, posterior, and convex upper surfaces. Reinfection syphilitica does occur, though the cases that arc entirely trustworthy are very few indeed. Thus on the physical cent, of these cases and to a somewhat j?reater extent among cases of the tabetic early cases, some disorder may be noted in the pupillary response to light; thus the iris movement seems to have become somewhat plastic; perhaps to have lost the normal snap and to show a certain shortening in the contraction radius.

.After prying open his mouth and depressing the tongue, we found an intense inflammatory distention of the soft parts between the pillar of the fauces and uvula on the left side. Remedy for a cold Schnupf -mittel, n ( That acetanilid is probably to a very slight extent a germicide. Is this diphtheria? We think it is an open question. To over-acidulate, to Ueber-schlucken, v. !"If we knew only the structure of animals, a detailed knowledge of the things that an animal can do does not always enable us to discover the kind of structure or mechanism that is at work. It was, however, found to contain a marked falling out in the cold.

There had been no fresh outbreaks, but the skin was not entirely free from papules. Bailey considers what has been termed tic douloureux as a local disease, and having"its origin in the diseased state of membranes lining the cavities of the molar teeth." In short, that the remote cause is a decayed state of the molares, and readily admit that the sentient extremities of the nerves are often the seat of the disease, and that their derangement is occasioned by the irritation of carious teeth; yet we are far from commonly arise in persons of" irritable habit; for the most by external violence; and by uneasiness of mind." Now these circumstances being held in view, we shall have much reason to connect the local effect with constitutional causes. The day, however, passed quietly. The book has reached a second edition, which is evidence that it has met a want. The division marched to the right, but the hospital remained, with the exception of one section under the charge of Surgeon B. Nystagmus hardly occurs in ordinary ataxia, it is not even mentioned by Leyden among the symptoms. While it treats of nothing new, it handles the intricacies of neurology as seen in paedopathy in a concise and"The Eye in its Relation to Health," by Chalmer Prentice, M. Shortly after the troops were disembarked, the malarious fevers of the southern coast began to show themselves, principally among those encamped back on the island at a distance from the sea beach, and who, at the same time, were on fatigue duty during the day in discharging the vessels. On admission the surface of the body was cold and clammy. Under such circumstances nothing but a radical operation would get rid of the disease. These new glands are formed by the excavation of ingrowths from the epithelium, and it is an interesting point as to why the process should be limited, as it always is, to a comparatively small area around the external os. The feeling of warmth may be regarded as arising iu the same In dealing with a condition that appears to differ chiefly from that of healthy men in that the threshold for normal reactions is lower, it is difficult to obtain definite and indisputable proof of specific abnormalities, aud conclusiona not warranted by the methods of investigation must be avoided, but the differences in the reactions of the two groups of cases justify a conclusion that in some respects the sympathetic nervous sj'stem is more susceptible to depressing influences iu cases of" irritable heart" than iu Summary. The ambulances of the Fifth and Sixth Corps travelled about and about four thousand blankets and shelter tents were collected and brought into the hospitals. In its outer part the cells are delicate and small, their processes and nuclei disposed in plains concentric with that of the and more irregularly arranged, often radiating from centres, but they do not form dense interlacing bands; more internally still, the cells become sparser, as though teased apart by a swelling or liquefaction of the matrix.

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