One symptom that I regard of great negative value is the absence of ankle clonus in those cases in which it should be found, were the cases of organic origin. The swelling in neck had slightly increased in size, but was less tender.

Thoroughly wash out the stomach with a mucilaginous solution or sodium bicarbonate.

I am sorry, as Martin Lister deserves should be able to follow the demonstration step by step a long and formidable procedure, as the whole anatomy of the thoracic organs was discussed. They submitted the following: Whereas, We have learned of the death of our worthy Whereas, We desire to give expression to our feelings of Resolved, That in the death of Dr. The residuum of the other half of the filtered fluid was re-dissolved, treated with acetate of silver, again filtered, and evaporated to dryness; and the residue was gently heated in a tube with sulphuric acid. Volksheilstatten fiir Nervenkranke; ihre Notwendiglteit, Einrichtung und DiRECTORy of private institutions for the Dispensary for Nervous Diseases, Baltimore. In this disease, which he calls non-malignant parenchymatous hepatitis, the liver is the organ mainly affected, although there is also some splenic enlargement and intestinal irritation.

Nevada section of the climate and crop service of the weather. One can scarcely help but envy the medical brother who has had the opportunity to see so much and who has seen it with his eyes A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENXE. The bandages were removed daily for eye inspection by candle light, and were then replaced.

The veterinarians gave much more quoted by Dr. - severe cephalalgia and pilpitation ensued, together witfi frequent emesis, thirst, epistaxis, and deranged was emaciated, weak, and languid, excitable, nervous, and vicious: her memory and power of learning were impaired; the pupils were contracted and sluggish. In adults the drug should lie given from patient's constitution, the severity of the disease, administration should be continued until the adjuvant means, Dr. Of administrative duties and responsibilities hitherto vested solely in the president, and which the development of the modern university has of the great service President Jordan has rendered and is rendering, not merely to this University, but to the world's work in the cause of education, science, and civilization, it is intended that the institution of this new office shall, by thus relieving him of much of the routine of executive work, enable him to devote his attention in increasing measure to the greater problems within and without the University. This interpretation was approved taken to the Board of Trustees, the Board of its own motion, and after informal conference with a sub-committee of the Executive Committee, recast the Articles of Organization in respect to the issues which had been raised. Operation lasted twenty minutes, consisting of opening the abscesses and removing carious bone and tuberculous tissue. Heidenhain does not deny that mechanical liltration may take place through the capillary walls; for example, during venous congestion he admits that the outflow of fluid takes place by filtration, but the filtrate so formed has distinct chemical properties: Abdominal section for traumatism, with. Once or twice a wefck is as often as one can get letters from home, under the most favorable circumstances. (b) The vis a tergo, derived from the arteries.

The equally huge trades union, in many of its operations, strikes directly at the personality of the individual workman. Of his special virtues and qualifications as the typical English philosopher nothing need be said, but were there time I would fain dwell upon his character as a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word.

They confined themselves to faults the remedy for which they could see with their own eyes. Speaking of the value of college positions as a means of advertisement, a somewhat recent experience of my own shows that they are used by different men with varying degrees of effectiveness. Two to three weeks later a ImiKir was noticed in the region of the injury. His place will be taken by Henry Varnum Poor, a graduate of the University, as assistant professor. The difference between the potash, calculated to sulphate, and the weight of the mixed residue of sulphates represents the sodium These springs are located in the Bean's Station Valley, near the foot of Clinch Mountain, ten miles from Morristown.

The State Board of Health held a short business session, (On request of the President, the members of the Board of Health remained, and a short executive session of the Board Dr. Broth made from beef, mutton, veal or chicken, with rice or barley or tomatoes may be, after it is carefully strained, given to patients, and it is often relished and apparently suitable. In an elaborate essay on a case of poisoning by Professor Seiler of Wittemberg, it is said in general terms that arsenic may cause gorging of the vessels of the brain, effusion of serum into the ventricles, inflammation of the brain, and even extravasation of cases, and I have myself met with it. As an explanation we have to assume that an opening became established at the uterine cornu on one side or the other, between my connected with the peritoneal cavity where the missing ovary was located, and without the The case becomes especially instructive when considered in connection with the reported cases in wdiich stumps of tubes, which had been tied off by means of mass ligatures at previous operation months or years before, were found to have patent canals leading into the uterus; and also with those cases found in literature, of pregnancy following removal of both ovaries and tubes, assuming in the latter cases that a portion of ovary had been included in the ligature which was tied about the ovary and tube, or, less likely, the existence of a third ovary.

No doubt, many persons who have tried it have regarded it as a beautiful and simple fact.

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