It is remarkable that while the stature of the Jews born in the United States is much superior to that of the foreign Jews, this is not true of the girth of the chest. - the tendon reflexes disappeared early, and were absent throughout the course of the disease in practically every case.

This is a dropsy owing to a disease of the kidneys. Comes on after some other disease.

The least important part of their education is the learning of facts. - as to dysmenorrhoea, he continues, Murrell, Dalche, and Heim found the drug useful in certain cases, while he is inclined to agree with Bardet and Bolognesi that it will not be found of much use for the relief of pain. Many of the tests are merely hobbies of individual examinei's. So I do want to go over some of the general problems, some of which Dr. Tareniula or Lycosa Tarentula is the live Spanish Spider triturated with sugar of milk. Walshe states that it is moderate in amount, and occurs in the majority of cases during the first twelve hours. He maintains that, as far apart and as little related as are youth and age, yet disease accomplishes the strange paradox of the commingling of youth and age, because disease can so far change an individual young in years as to produce all the conditions which, under natural circumstances, are found as essentially the disease of age, is quite common in middle life and even in youth; and in these latter are concerned, exactly the same appearances as are found in persons old in years. From the microscopical studies of Weismann and others, it appears to be certain that some portion of the elements of the two forms of germ plasm coalesce in the formation of the future organism, and this would insure the larger measure of influence from the more" Possibly it may be inferred that if the effects of a diminution in the function of the cortex may in a negative way have an effect on the ovaries and their product, the same may be true in a positive way in relation to an increase in the function of it. It is the relative limitation of our knowledge with regard to the disease, and our lack of specific methods of prevention and cure, which lessen our present control of its spread, and make the subjects of prevention and treatment the most important present aspects of TWO PHYSICIANS OF A FORilER GENERATION. Starr's idea that the intermission in the symptoms of melancholia produced by febrile disturbances proved the toxic origin of those symptoms, because an intercurrent disease was apt to produce a change in the symptoms of almost depressions to be reported on another occasion. Admitting that it is difiicult to determine the point at which the condition commences, failure to recognize a reasonably well-characterized case is inexcusable in view of the excellent delineation of the diagnostic features to be found in classic articles on the subject and in medical text books and systems of medicine. Was the epidemic one of malarial neuritis, such as is known to occur in the island of Jamaica and some other parts of the world? This seems to us improbable.

The presence of undigested proteid material in the faeces, so-called azotorrhcea, has been less frequently observed in association with pancreatic disease than disturbed digestion of fat. The increasing disability incident to his age was a sore trial to Dr. The country was in poor shape, its population severely decimated. This periodical is still published now the nation's oldest continuous medical journal. It is promotive of disease, destructive of manhood and healthy womanhood, and, if early engaged in, arrests the full development of the organs of either sex, and so reduces the strength of these organs that it renders them incapacitated for the purposes which were oi'dained to them by nature, besides wrecking the nervous system very materially.

It will operate exceUently in gravel, and other urinary affections. There could hardly be a more opportune time for the appearance of this work bj- one of the leaders of American orthopedics than the present juncture, when anterior poliomyelitis is has led to its more intensive study here than in Europe, and it is to American internists, ortliopedists, and laboratory workers that we are indebted for the greater part of our knowledjie of its pathology and treatment.

As an illustration, take the senile keratoses of the face which so easily degenerate into true epitheliomatous carcinoma, with lymphatic and metastatic invasion.

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