In any case, a rise will be fatal. I invariably cupped him, blistered him, used hot applications and treated him mildly. He obtained his severely wounded in the arm, but refused to go to the dressing station) and insisted on going forward with his men. A University House is organized in each Hall; each House has a Head, appointed by the President of the University, and a House Committee, elected by the members; also a House Counselor, selected from the Faculties of the University by the members of the House. Customs, code and creed separate the lawyer and clergyman of different lands; but we in all lands hold the same views, abide by the same moral law, have like ideas of duty and conduct. A kind of intuition seems to pervade the human race, aside from and above all law, that it is necessary to care for the public health in order to be comfortable and happy, and to enjoy this life. It often causes troublesome constipation. At end of autumn there is a remission but less marked than before. This requirement may be waived in the case of foreign students of ability who have a sufficient knowledge of the English language to profit by the subject or group of subjects for which adequate preparation has been received. Of tin' membranes of the brain.

Oophorectomy is on trial for these same inoperable subjects. This conclusion has certain equivalences in the literature, of which I will briefly give an account. The Movements of the Heart and Intestines Illustrated by Photography.

A.s a in-ofc-ssion we.shut our eyes to the condition ot the wounded in the streets and took no care, for instance, to prevent the simple fracture from becoming compound and septic (

The gas men have much experience of this kind, as few escape it.

Various methods of peptonisation are in vogue.

The case was regarded as one of subphrenic abscess involving the lesser sac of linkedin peritoneum. Such inaccuracy existed in the report of the case to which allusion was made in asking for the experience of others, and in to have been made during the preceding year. Murphy said of that other"Christian" institution in Chicago, people who are fleeced by such a patent fraud deserve no sympathy and to lose their money. In the case of the connective-tissue cells they separate from the fibrous bundles, and in the case of gland tubes from their attachment to the basement membrane or wall of the tubes. The influence of cold and damp is universally known to increase the liability of inflammatory affections of the chest. - "When preparing this mattresi lor a patient each of tho two larger mattress pieces is covered with a separate sheet, and the small portions placed in position imcovorcil aud draw sheet arc then placed across the bed to covoc the small portions of mattress, and the euds of tho sheet, etc.: are tucked iu ou either side underneath the mattress pieces are witlidra.wn, one from when the supporting middle pieces prevent this sinking a pelvic elevator is used.

This group of symptoms is probably due to microbic embolism of the vessels of the pia mater, similar to what may be observed in cases of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis and of ulcerative or malignant endocarditis.

At the end of the bath the patient stands at the extreme end of the room grasping a bar, and a strong pressure douche is played over the body in the direction of the lymph stream, following the course of the lymphatic vessels. Although this pit was dry at the time of our examination, its sides and bottom were marked with cray-fish holes, showing that water had stood in it. This brings us to the question of" time." A little consideration will show that no time rule can be laid down to apply to all cases (careers).

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