- in these frequently on the left than on the right. Farwell, John, Chipping Norton Favell, W. The muscles of both calves are wasted, but act to the induced current; discovered by examination of the urine nor of the eyes. This deformity is naturally less liable to occur in heel walkers or leisurely people who use the front of the foot but little, but in persons of activity it constitutes the most crippling foot deformity.

As a result of the study of this series of cases I think we are justified in coming to the conclusion that routine and systematic examination of pleural fluids will aid us greatly in diagnosis and in determining the etiology of pleurisy. Of the seventeen patients who received ether by mouth, preliminary to the rectal method, twelve vomited considerably, and five did not vomit at all. The exciting cause may be the invasion of some specific organism, such as that of tuberculosis or syphilis. Convulsions are not always present. Such a murmur may have been due to varicosities in the abdominal wall or suspensory ligament. Repeated dressings and medication during a period of thiee weeks failed to develop any odor or to make any impression whatever for the better. Certainly in the majority of instances of sudden death, an adequate explanation of the cause of the same may be expected, if a careful autopsy is made; but there are numerous exceptions. P., Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich EccLES, George H., Bedford Villa, Bedford Terrace, Plymouth Elkington, Thomas, Fenny- Comp ton, Leamington Ellis, J. It is intended that when a patient is discharged from a general hospital, if tuberculous, he will be given a card to this clinic, where he will be examined and treated. A year before the patient began to have what seemed to be"falling spells," and the family thought that it was chorea. Harris, deserves record from the rarity of the affection. It is difficult to see how self-respecting members of our profession can submit longer to this iniquitous rule. Deep in the pockets calcium salts are deposited on the root of the tooth as a scale that can be scraped off only with great difficulty. Her husband confessed to the infection of his wife. The seminal vesicle and prostate are often involved, the semen containing blood and ova in the former condition. He has seen it last as long as thirty or forty minutes, but how long it would have lasted had the examination been continued he does not know. John Torrey for his great assistance in supplying us us with abundant clinical material from the very beginning of this INSTRUCTOR IN PHARMACOLOGY, CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDICAL COLLEGE, NEW YORK.

For the suggestion of a cast-iron pelvis, a model of the best one found in the Museum of the Munich Frauenkli?iik, I am indebted to resident obstetrician in the Klinik. According to Luciani, the cerebellum is an end-organ directly or indirectly related to certain peripheral sensory organs, and in direct efferent relationship with certain ganglia of the cerebro-spinal axis, and indirectly with the motor apparatus in general.

Several hours later the pain increased, nausea set in and a small amount (a few teaspoonfuls) of clear fluid blood was vomited; the next day there was blood in the stools. As a proof of the practical value of the method the author showed a large collection of foreign bodies removed from the larynx, trachea, bronchi and esophagus. Lewis says that the escape of pus through the mastoid in all probability saved the patient's life and prevented involvement of the brain, for, instead of bursting the membrane, the fluid forced its way into the mastoid cavity, and then through its apex, for it was at this point that the redness and swelling presented itself, and thus the products of inflammation were brought into contact with the deep cervical fascia, accounting for the formation of cellulitis.

I remember well, that in reciting this feature of the case at the meeting referred to, several who took part in the discussion refused to believe that such conditions could exist. Edebohls the credit of having been the first to apply the operation to a large number of patients for the definite purpose of treating nephritis per se, and personally I think that Dr.

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