The speaker said he believed this w-as the youngest child on record Inguinal Interstitial Hernia in a Woman; Ovarian Cyst hernia on the left side.

It is from the relatively new and unexplored research material of physiological chemistry and pathological physiology that the greatest advances in internal medicine may be confidently expected. They are of opinion that the existing port hospital-ship, except as a temporary measure, is an inadequate and unsuitable provision against a possible invasion of cholera through the port. There were also many indications of a hasty and unfinished style, which rendered it less acceptable to English readers.

They provided for a dual notification by the householder and the medical attendant. That a'century ago this disease was called Egyptian ophthalmia, because both the French and English armies in Egypt suffered so much from it. Broca claims, and supports the claim by figures from his own practice, that, by a careful choice of the time of operation, the mortality may be reduced almost two-thirds, but, admitting this, his mortality rate is still left at the somewhat unsatisfactory figure of think that he expresses too much fear of interfering with adhesions. Here in America, in addition to the difference of opinion among medical authorities on the subject, there is a strong popular prejudice against law-s regulating prostitution.

Their coating, and roasted in the same manner as coffee, and Gutte Sulphuris Carbureti, Lampadius. P., Cat's-eye, an elongated, slit-like pupil.

Superficial and deep cardiac plexuses. Oliver, as he states in a prefatory note, began some time ago, with a view to facilitate urinary examination at the bedside.

First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon' Relieved from further treatment at the General Hospital. Erdmann said he had recently seen a woman of forty-six in partial collapse from what was supposed to be a perforation of the bowel in the sixth week of typhoid fever. The first effect appears in the parenchymatous tissue supplied by the vessels in the form of atrophy and fatty infiltration or degeneration. The remainder was mixed with a years, but as he was asleep and she did not feel very well, she took two teaspoonsful of the mixture herself.

Two weeks ago she was in bed ten days from nausea and vomiting. It is involvement of the cornea, indeed, that, clinically speaking, forms our test of the seriousness of the conjunctivitis, for, no matter how severe the other symptoms may be, we regard the condition as benign if the cornea remains intact. His distress was raised to the highest degree, in the conflict of his mind between what he thought a sensible demonstration of a supernatural requisition, and an invincible consciousness of his own incompetency, and his fear of doing an injury to true religion by his failure.

(Bennett and Murray.) gonoplasm of the antherid,in claim the Udmycetes. R., a NATIVE of Austria, aged thirty-three years,.strong and robust, who has never been sick, except from occasional attacks of lead-colic, due to inhalation and absorption of fumes from the smelter in which he is employed, left home for work at the employed as a furnace man at the Arkansas Valley plant of the American Smelting and Refining Company.

Definite changes were found in the vertebrje, and the x ray pictures seemed to show that they were bony in character. A large hall on the ground-floor has been set apart for sanitary appliances, among wliich it is expected there will be a good exhibition of anibulances. The two most difficult things in the diagnosis of spinal cord are to determine: (i) where the tumor is in relation to the not so complete, though it may develop early with tumor of the meninges, but the great point in the diagnosis between the two is the pain, which in intramedullary tumor is rarely an initial symptom, but it is almost invariably so in tumor of the meninges, and is of great severity.

Seeds of the Legieminosir, in Hour, form and in papaw juice.

But these are the most pernicious of all medicines, even in these circumstances of this disease, as I have seen by many instances. The disc was useless without the frame, which kept the heels and toes together.

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