As far as my research extends, no adequate reason has thus far been deduced for the undue exhibition of sexual precocity. The affection has invaded the scalp, again disappearing nc without leaving anv trace of cicatrization or destruction of hair. Jacobi has repeatedly seen children with croup become less cyanotic after their removal from an atmosphere of vapor, and he can readily see that pure atmospheric air would be more agreeable and wholesome to a child with stenosis of the larynx than an atmosphere laden with steam. C is what has been called fibrinogen. The kernels, which weigh a rare occurrence with tropical seeds.

Monterey is a quaint old Spanish town, pretty to look upon, and difficult to get anything Although these places are delightful retreats to the well, they are not fit residences for the sick. Subsequent use of the same remedy had not, however, been followed by similar results: Same treatment except as to enema; two bathings daily; meat broths, coffee. Lawrence Smith, whose "enfield" assistant he had been. Boric acid, salicylic acid, and a number of other agents have from time to time been recommended by irresponsible parties as preservatives of fruit, milk, cheese, butter, etc.; moreover, salicylic acid does enter into certain fruits that are canned and tinned.

Further, authorities have not definitely explained the superior features which must necessarily be present to invariably produce the opposite l Observations among plant life show that temperature bears an important relation to the determination of sex, but this agency seems to have no definite effect when applied to the animal kingdom; for we know that, all things being equal, males and females are produced in the frozen northern regions in about the same relative proportion as in As to the cause which determines sex, then, it would appear from the results of my experimentation that the time of impregnation is the principal factor to be considered, bui when this rule is applied to the human being the exceptions are so numerous that we art unable to formulate any positive conclusions Of late there has been a tendency to returr to the study of maladies marked by pigmen explored that it is impossible to classify it members or indicate their relations. After the operation, there were not more than si.x or eight ounces of blood upon the floor. So far as I know, this is not true. The former is preferred by some families, under the belief that greater vigor is thus imparted to the aurist to the Jefferson College Hospital.


Experience led to the belief that a previous malleination had no effect on the agglutinating power of the serum. Now that spreading colonies are so nearly eliminated by the porous covers, the practice of each laboratory should be reconsidered with regard to the above mentioned points.

The spasm resembled that of fissure of the anus. The woman took about three quarters of a grain of morphine, and was unconscious for two days, after which she had alexia and agraphia. Otherwise there is nothing characteristic about the myelinated fiber content of any of these The great majority if not all of these fi This has been ascertained for the int( defeneration experiments. Which he said he thought would raleigh be of interest. These, known by Wesbrook's classification as the"A" varieties, are generally conceded to represent forms which have become attenuated, both in virulence and in luxuriance of growth. Attention has been given not only to various degrees of reaction, but to the addition of small quan general applicability, and suggesting further that there ought to be recorded the results of comparative studies to show what species of bacteria are inhibited by its use. Weaver;"The Kitchen Garden Denned," by Annie P. Here is another case of infantile paralysis in which there is paralysis of the left leg. Consequently the breezes that sweep over them are more uniform in their degree of heat and cold, and never reach so high an extreme in either direction. He said there had occurred five or six epidemics in his community in the last thirty years, and cases every year for the last seven. To enforce the provisions of this Act.

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