I protest against it in the name of helpless infancy, whose cries for natural wants go unheeded; I protest against it in the name of sick and suffering humanity, whose natural desires and appetites are disregarded; I protest against it in the name of science, which is thereby disgraced; and finally, I protest against it in the name of God himself, whose wise laws are so ruthlessly violated. Hutchison stated that he had always succeeded in arresting hemorrhage from bone by the application of persulphate of iron, afserwards crowding the coagulum thus formed into the canal In regard to the dressing of stumps he further remarked that he was in the habit of using none whatever, preferring to keep the parts freely exposed to the air ( Since Erichsen maintained that" railway spine" was a disease sui generis there has been much difference of opinion as to its existence, although, for a time at least, it seemed as though the affection would come to take its place in surgical nosology as an independent morbid entity.

Roe, of Rochester, regarded asthma as always due to some change in the bronchial mucous membrane. It is so simple that any intelligent person can carry it out. JOHN chapman's method; with twelve cases. It appears in our present issue ( Tuesday she went to school but had to come home in the middle of the forenoon, complaining of abdominal pain with a distended bowel. Four or five drops should be injected under the gum on each side of the tooth to be extracted. The pleural sac is washed Fah., first through one tube, then through the other, until the cavity is clear of pus; after this procedure the ends of the tubes are folded upon themselves and tied, so that they are hermetically sealed. Much in the same category appear the local abstraction of blood, the use of leeches, cups, etc., along the spine, especially in the region of the affected cervical or lumbar enlargement. Before cutting the sutures have the patient wear a moist bichloride dressing, two or more hours, and be sure no sepsis is drawn into suture tract. Of the remaining twenty-nine samples, no less than twelve were inferior. I have found myself, for tlie last few years, an advocate of bloodletting to a cer tain extent; and have ventured the prediction that not many years will elap?e befjre we shall again find t!ie profession practising it, though in a very different way from our predecessors.

Again, by the constant use of small doses of the iodohydroargyrate solution the elimination by the kidneys is balanced, and a constant stream of the germicide is, as it were, kept flowing through the system. These last had existed previously to giving the iodide, and he did not know that they were specially increased by it ( Remember, when you graft, that all you can hope to have grow must have life.

Fortunately, there are not too many such, though they should be of particular concern to us.

The menstruum is ordinary julep, or with a syrup, but never with opium, which prevents or retards the diarrhoea and vomiting. Of course reference was not made to pus sacs, and certain pathological conditions well known to demand the knife.

He hails with great satisfaction the advancement in therapeutics, and we must continue to go around and around in the circle until the right point is reached. ConcUiding that all had been done for the patient that could be done at this time, the wounds were closed by interrupted sutures, properly dressed, He rallied well, and everything went favorably until recovery took place, three weeks after the operation. The Doctor had never seen a case of puerperal mania so promptly and happdy yield A NEW OPERATION FOR THE RADICAL TnK operations for ingrowing nail are so numerous that it seems Uke an imposition to add another to the list; but as on the one hand they are all either palliative or quite formidable in character, and as on the other tliese objections cannot be made to the operation that the addition: Though the physical signs of the two diseases may be at times very similar, other symptoms are the more sudden onset in pneumonia; the character of the pain; the character of the dyspnoea; and sticky in pneumonia, frothy and white in pleurisy, etc. In focal epilepsy we may render the case improved but not cured.

But it is simply as a scientific study of great value that we commend this paper to our readers, although it has an intense and thrilling interest for all classes. The existence or absence of pain in these cases possesses very little interest for the diagnostician. Collins stated that the income of the Society would, in all probability, cover the running expenses of the Society and the library, as a matter of fact, the overdue and unpaid assessments of the members of the Society would pay the running expenses of the library for a number of years. Until there was more positive evidence of the value of the extended position he thought it better to continue to treat these fractures in the flexed position. The placenta being retained, the doctor (?) (who by his advertising sociability and liberality amongst our fun loving part of the community, does a big practice) pulled his coat off.

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