As to form, I have seen spirochaetae morphologically identical as seen under the microscope in non-syphilitic lesions. Of course, the mother now claimed that the disease was contagious. The bacillus is short-lived and perishable, instead of being" tenacious of life.

I send you the last report That the public health rivals either of these, or others that could be named, in importance to the public welfare and the people's safety, no intelligent person can dispute.

Fortunately for us, in most of these cases the patient himself has caused the dermatitis, especially by the improper use of tincture of iodine; but here, as so often in treatment, the" physician should remind himself of the trite saying, pas trop de zele. The same advice is given, we may add, by Mr. The patient was very n)uch emaciated; he had been an inveterate opium smoker, and, like many The subject of this malformation, Geo.

Billroth to test its use in wounds near the natural apertures of the body, particularly since antiseptic dressings to these parts have been found tongue were removed in the Vienna clinic. Provided the typhoid bacillus was found, its positive recognition would require so much time that the practitioner -would take but little interest in the result. But if there is an objection to mixtures with fixed and known formulas, what must one say of mixtures of secret or semi-secret composition. General Grant said there were two tunes he knew: one was Yankee Doodle and the other was not. Headache is the most diHicuIt symptom to treat, for the reason that confine ourselves to the treatment of certain forms of headache which cannot be spoken of in connection with oilier diseases, and of the symptom itself. In those cases where the skin is irritable and inflamed, and the epidermis dry and cases to produce a cure it is necessary to increase the dose to ten or fifteen minims, and to maintain this high rate until the constitutional.symptoms of the drug are produced The same rule holds in the treatment of ulcers, lupoid or otherwise, on other parts of the body, but I will confine my remarks at present to ulcers of"the lower extremity. Countway Library of Medicine for their invaluable assistance. It is not otherwise possible to understand clearly the value of any treatment so far as ascertained, or justly exjx'ct in a volume with the title of this, first, what is known of the general chemical i)roperties of oxygen in its ordinary nlmospheric form and in its several allotropic conditions; secondly, an account of its effects upon the various functions under physiological circumstances and different modes of administration; then an e(iuiilly detinile record of the special results observed after its employment in diseased conditions; and lastly, n statement of the indications and conlra-indications for its use.

Later the attitude became permanent, partly from habit and partly from a changed relation of the bones forming the joints mentioned. The third tlage occurs only in the worst cases, from which very few are restored. Some call it gynaecological massage; others, pelvic massage, kinesotherapie (Stapfer), and manual treatment of female organs (Schauta). The murmur was only heard over the front of the chest, and became inaudible at the base of the heart.

Infants suffered infection because food tolerance had been lowered by the disturbances of nutrition, the lowered resistance which resulted in consequence making infection possible. An Oration delivered on the Assist. First, the mortality must caca have been frightful; secondly, the desired effect would not be produced.

Many of these patients are perfectly willing to do anything to get well; they need very little, if any, discipline, but they grow steadily worse when this treatment is applied.

The needle is then introduced at the tip of the major trochanter, nearly parallel to the neck of the femur, along which it is pushed forward toward the acetabular margin: poop. Of these, caries is more common in cancellous tissue, in the articular extremities of long bone, and in the bones of the carpus and tarsus. ON SOME EXTRACTS FROM THE DIARIES CONSULTING PHYSICIAN TO THE CUMBERLAND INFIRMARY.

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