Fifth dose: Thirteen days after the first dose a drop of urinod was given was slow and difficult; the eyes were half shut and the mouse paid no attention to noises. He exciting agent, whatever its character may be, acts slowly and tently, exciting the earliest changes in the tubular epithelium, which ired in the eflFort at excretion. In order to obtain a broader basis than that afforded by the obserxation of any single man, some have collected numbers of cases from various observers, and have analysed and tabulated them.

The integument is dry, the tendency to perspiration beinj very slight.

After operation the right mastoid process should be as near the right shoulder as possible, with the chin pointing towards the left. The effusion is generally of a light yellow color, containing but a slight amount of albumin, and being non-inflammatory in origin, is free from fibrin. Haemorrhage from rupture usually causes death; other forms of "popup" haemorrhage may gradually exsanguinate the patient and prove very exhausting but seldom of themselves result fatally. The others remiined passive awbfle, and then slowly disappeared. Thia improvement was maintained wbeoi laat seen, ttiree noontha later.

Cardiac and circulatory symptoms are not features malware of neoplasm, there is usually no tracheal tug nor are laryngeal symptoms present. Codeine may also be prescribed. These injurious consequences may be conveniently groujied as instrument, transient in duration, and ending time after instrumentation (usually following the first act of micturition), transient in nature, but of some severity while it lasts, and ending in recovery. Those cases in which the auricular pressure was not elevated he explained as due to a ventricular dilatation without increase in tension. The general symptoms resemble in everj- respect those just described as indicative of subacute interstitial nephritis, but they are increased in intensity.

The left hand is weaker than right; the left foot is also worse than the right. Convulsion, since the latter has often preceded the former. The writer takes up the subject from all sides in a charming as the historical view point, and then takes up the varieties of epilepsy, the life of the epileptic, the aura, paroxysm and the pre- and post-paroxysmal stages. But inasmuch as the details of the process are essentially the same in all the organs examined, tubercle of the iris may be selected as a convenient type. The neoplasm and abscess should spam be treated surgically. We know that operations of the mind are capable of influencing the same chain of communication, the brain may be influenced by causes having their origin in the digestive apparatus. Such contractions may be either (a) of a temporary nature; or (b) permanent. After having tried various substances, he was laterly in he habit of prescribing for that purpose a solution of chloride that no one should examine any woman in the clinic without previously having washed his hands with solution of chloride of lime, and having made use of a nail brush.

If he obtained the licence he could demand to be redstered. The rays reflected from snow or ice (especially through rarefied atmosphere), as experienced by Alpine climbers, or from water sm-face, sea or river, are most hurtful. The admfesiona been ptineiikBny due to its oeearrenoe amoos men leueuUy returned from active serviee Id'Etiypt. The former cases a geoenu diseasMoz which, the term''lymphadenosis" seems tiure may be a eonddsraUeexoess of leucocytes in the blood; wlun hard, there may be simple anffimia. Occurring as an uncomplicated condition, it represents about one-third of all cases of valvular disease, while an equally large percentage occurs in association with lesions of other valves. Patients suffering from the Disease of Inebriety can be admitted either voluntarily or under Medical Certificates.

The respiration continues, though there is more or less complete aphony. A few intercurrent doses of iodine or bromine may be called for. Tumors of the basal ganglia and internal capsule cause symptoms resembling those of lesions of the corpus callosum, such as gradually increasing hemiplegia with accompanying hemi-anassthesia and, if the tumor involves the optic thalamus and neighboring portions of the internal capsule, athetoid and choreiform movements may be present. Insanity is another occasional sequel; the most common form of derangement is melancholia, but there may be acute mania. Illinois Central Railroad Hospital Milwaukee or Passavant Hospital, Milwaukee, Wis. The spoon was made of the composition known as Britannia metal. He may wish to know whether the posterior or the lateral columns are specially involved; whether the grey matter is much damaged; and, if so, whether the damage more particularly affects the anterior cornua or other parts. The globules in the artificial milk were surrounded by a covering, and not simple drops of oil; this covering often showed a distinct though very fine folding, especially on the larger globules. From Garden, Field, Hedge-row and Store Closet.

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