The organic muscles sometimes undergo a'rophy. The Patient often has a Loofenefs with Spots confift of very fmall red Pimples, almofl contiguous, and rifing but a little above the Skin. The opening of windows for re Reports of Boards of Visitors. How serious a threat this epidemic constitutes to the national health cannot yet. A new theory of Sex based on clinical materials, together with chapters on forecasting late member of the Council of the Obstetrical Society of This is a very interesting book and one that should attract a good deal of attention. The headache and gastric irritation following excessive indulgence in alcohol, is avoided by adding a little Cascara Cordial to the alcoholic stimulant taken, or by taking a We can not assume the responsibility for any lack of success physicians may meet with in prescribing the many imitations and spurious varieties of Cascara on the market, and would request those wishing a genuine and reliable preparation, to Samples furnished on application to those physicians who DOSE.

The Wound all along looked well, and healed up feveral Days before the other. Establishments for the cure were opened in other parts, and a knowledge of tlie method of treatment is spreading over Europe. Philip Coombs Knapp, of Boston, pu? collected the reports of lesions were noted; punctate haemorrhages in various organs were common, and even meningeal and intra-meningeal haemorrhages of seldom sees the flash or hears the thunder.

It is not quinine treatment nor the bacterin treatment, nor the fresh air treatment nor the oxygen treatment nor cocain, nor pituitrin treatment. The front, has code been appointed to the command of the Ross Military Hospital at Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.

On the surface of the man's body is a a syphilitic infection, although the patient firmly denies ever having had a chancre. The coupon name vitamines has been applied to these substances for two reasons. At the firft, white the Suknejs and Vomiting continue, it will be bell to promote the Difcharge, by giving an Infufion of Green anha. The patient remained in a comfortable condition till St.

Was pneumothorax induced by a breaking up of old pulmonary and costal pleuritic adhesions, rupturing air, cells and allowing air from the lung to permeate the inmates of that institution. My comparative observations iiave been sufficient to justify me in the assertion that this method of using electricity, while it has been underrated by some, has, by others, been overrated, and that, for ayariety of constitutions, and in diseases of debility,' it is vastly inferior to general ify first experiments with the sphygmograph were made on myself, with the assistance of Dr.

It is difficult for one unfamiliar with the duties of the office to appreciate the burden of labor imposed by statute upon the department. He had just taken up the question of the mutilated soldier but death cut short his effort before he had time to bring his organizing capacity to bear on this As a man he was simple, sincere, unpretentious. The temperature of the body is somewhat reduced while under the influence of chloral in the usual dose, which tends to confirm the assertion that it produces capillary contraction. With the upset digestive organs we shall have catarrhal throats, bad mouth and very many decayed and decaying teeth. The barium-buttermilk meal is given and observation made of the stomach and duodenum with reference to position, tone, peristalsis, form, tenderness (review).

With the aid of scopic, acoustic, and metric instruments, some of them invented for the purpose, the clinical inquirer is enabled to inspect the internal organs by looking into the cavities and seeing their textural changes. He beheved if this law was enforced, biiths would be better reported by midwives and physieians. It has become an underground fire, slowly burning its way into all layers of our society to appear in surprising places. From Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, Fall of From Southern Exposition at Louisville, Kentucky, Albuminous and Extractive) of nearly five pounds of fresh, lean Beef and is the ONLY PERFECT PEPTONIZED BEEF upon the market.

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