Spraying the throat with a solution of quinine, thymol, carbolic acid, chloride of lime, or oil of eucalyptus, is just now being practiced Diseases peculiar to women, or, in common parlance," Female Diseases," have been given, through medical literature of the popular advertising sort, far more prominence than is either necessary or advisable ( In performing thoracentesis, some form of modern aspirator should be used. The pericranium was not removed, and it was hoped that the skull had escaped uninjured. This phraseology is elegant and poetical, but it is something more; and although many of those who are said to have" fallen asleep" did not do so always from advanced age, yet the phrase is at least an allusion to the natural mode of human The conclusion is, then, that when the bodily organization has attained its maximum of vital capability, and when further nutrition is impossible, a sleep ensues, soft and gentle at first, and not to be By a Committee of the Royal Medico-Chir. He employs an aseptic operating-coat, which he removes from the sterilizing-chamber, having previously washed his hands with a nail brush. - fIELD Medical Corps, United States Army obtained a resume of opinions, more or less hurriedly written, regarding changes in the reserve and emergency rations. Atwood said that one man will treat pneumonia successfully with stimulants, and another Dr. No emboli were "food" found, though the middle cerebral artery leading to the aneurism contained a little unadherent clot. The patient bore these operations well and returned to his home feeling quite comfortably, and when seen five months after the last operation was feeling quite well. As she declined surgical perfectly aid, she returned home unrelieved, and I was subsequently informed that the mass had given way ten days subsequently at the point of ulceration, and had been the seat of fatal hemorrhage. The man who is not a recluse knows, by even the most casual observation, that all classes of occupa tion and commerce, through hired agents, vie with one another in keeping up interest in the pursuit of all sorts of follies and dissipation ( - there is pain in front of the ear, stiffness of the jaw, the forehead becomes wrinkled, the eyes stare, the nose is pinched, and the distorted and terrible countenance is known as the" sardonic grin." From the jaw and face the disease passes on. After a while the mother's milk gradually increased in quantity, so that at the end of the first month the infant was fed at Jthe breast, with the exception of a bottle morning and evening. There has been some discussion amongst op)erators as to the best method of bringing the two loops of gut together after resection. This apparatus would have its bearings on the ischiatic tuberosity and posterior surface of the femur, and would in this way add materially to communication embodying his personal experience in this direction, in both hospital and private practice. Senility gives proclivity, local irritation excites, and subsequently hereditary transmission may perpetuate.

Am - the disease recurred in the cicatrice in seven' The histories are complete in only twelve cases. On the other hand, worthless roots and snags should always be extracted whether they ache or not. They would not consider such services professional, and he would gain their displeasure if he were to present his bill for the same.

It is then elevated on a sieve, and being placed in healthy.comfort moulds is subjected to pressure, till all the serum is separated, when it is afterwards subjected to other manipulations. Two drops of chloroform on sugar every hour. The preparation of matter for a medical journal is no easy task at best, and when, to the ordinary difficulties of such an undertaking, are added the inconveniences resulting from the want of an exchange list, and the isolation of a situation where books of the most recent date cannot be immediately obtained, some excuse must present itself to the mind of our readers for the deficiencies of this number, Again, the Journal has been printed by those who are comparatively unfamiliar with such an under taking, and, though they are practical printers, some experience is necessary to render their work as neat and complete as we would desire.

This is because persons in using it, and physicians in prescribing it, are not as judicious as they should be in considering peculiar features which recipes attend its use in individual cases. The condition of the patient continuing unrelieved, in deference to the apparent wishes of the family, who were convinced that there was some ear-trouble, because previously to the attack he had complained of pain about the to see the case. Louis, be made permanent members of the A paper was then read by Dr.

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