He prefaced liis remarks by a discussion of various pancreases on record, there are in the literature only a very few reports of such organs possessing a proper duct. This serves a double purpose; it prevents the soiling of the wound by vomitus, and permits an accurate estimate of the amount of bleeding, as An exenteration of the ethmoid cells is not an office operation. Relieved from duty at the Army ServMce Schools, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to take effect Texas, and report in person to the commanding general, second division, for duty, with station at Fort' Corps. For the homeopathic solution, see Solution of Ferrum Acetate. It may also be obtained by the action of chlorohydric acid on phosphide of calcium in water. In addition to three new points, namely, the occurrence of pigment granules in nuclei, hyaline degeneration of the nuclear reticulum leading to the formation of shruid'ien vacuolated nuclei, resenililing with great number- of i-elalively snuill nuclei this is effected chiefly by shrinking, v.icuolization, hyaline degeneration and The chroniidia of.Vetinospha'rium can be traced readily to the nucleoli of the nuclei, with which in many instances a direct connection may be traced and they, therefore, have the same composition as the amplii-nucleoli or karyosomes, namely, nucleolar substance and chromatin. Cases with deep-seated cancer in other localities have also been reported, where the results were most striking. Failing in this attempt my attention was turned to the possibility that when the chemistry of the thyroid gland is materially disturbed, as in exophthalmic goiter, the thyroid toxins (assuming for the time that such bodies exist) might be accessible to study by the same (complement fixation) method. The mountains of tropical regions, which rise from a realm of perpetual summer to an altitude of eternal snow, are clothed at their diffo'gnt elevations by different genera and species of plants, adapted fo all the gradations of temperature, from the tropic to the arctic. The cause of appendicitis from such a source has been confirmed by the bacteriological examinations of Professor great danger of septic poisoning by direct absorption of the poison from the teeth and gums after extraction, as shown in the compilation of these While in the majority of cases a superficial examination of the mouth and gums is sufficient to recognize the most frequent and common oral af?ections, yet in some obscure cases great skill on the part of the internist, dentist, and radiologist is demanded to discover a hidden pocket of pus, a blind abscess at the root or in the root canal. Doctor Barringer said that this was the nearest case of syphilitic reinfection that he had ever heard of. In conclusion, the physician who does not avail himself of his highly diagnostic and therapeutic branch of medicine does not give his patient the benefits he deserves and will not have the diagnostic acumen necessary for good blood culture having been made, they gave an initial injection of sixteen to twenty-four minims thirty minutes, consisting of a pronounced chill, often accompanied by slight cyanosis of the face and extremities, and giving way in fifteen minutes to sweating, which persisted half an hour or more. Further discrepancy due to denial was charged up to those of the lower stratum of society, wlio pay less attention to physical symptoms, in whom we GARRETSON: SYPHILIS OF NERVOUS SYSTEM. Pure silver can be obtained from silver coins by dissolving in nitric acid, precipitating with muriatic acid, or common salt, and treating the resulting chloride with carbonate of and ductile; the best conductor of heat"and electricity; is not acted upon by air or moisture, unless sulphur be present, when it is blackened; its proper solvent is nitric acid. This is the cause given by the late Dr.

Marked copies of other publications sent us should bear the notice Fidelity Building, Charles and Lexington Streets. Tenderness over all of tarsal bones; most pounds in weight: When the second stage comes on, the woman should be put to bed, whilst the physician should now stay in the room. Evaporate the percolate to liquid, and add to the filtrate enough of Boil the drug for one-half hour with boil the residue again in the same way with the same amount of water, strain add enough water through the filter, if III. In such a specimen a stained granule was actually seen to leave a leucocyte and become In specimens of human blood and rabbit's blood the extracellular granules can be stained in small numbers when the blood is hardened by heat, and in the blood of the frog many large free granules can be demonstrated in one field, which will take up the various blood stains just as the large characteristic intracellular granules. An elementary, non-metallic solid, of a bluish-gray color and metallic lustre, emitting violet fumes when heated; odor peculiar; sparingly soluble in water, freely in alcohol.

During the week there were three deaths from typhoid fever, one from diphtheria, one from scarlet fever and one from The Health Department is making important changes in the work of physicians so as to equalize the work.

Blake had certainly made it seem somewhat more likely that the influenza bacillus was responsible for what was commonly spoken of as"flu" or influenza but that it did not bring positive proof of this particular phase of the problem, and that, while he himself was inclined to favor the etiological significance of the influenza bacillus, he thought that final judgment must be withheld until some of the apparently contradictory points of evidence had been more thoroughly cleared up, however much one desired to incriminate the influenza bacillus. Rogers, M.D Chief of Staff Forrest M. This is not intended to mean that the defective germ has served to transmit to the offspring the power to develop dwarfed neurons only. Nolen a certificate signed From the above report it will be seen how greatly the library is indebted to the liberality of the Messrs.

When the ordinary saw is employed a spatula should be inserted beneath the bones for the protection of the soft parts.

Although individuals of robust constitution often appear well till throw n at once on a bed of sickness, there are unhealthy conditions of the system forms which always precede ftcate attacks and render the clothing unfit for tho use of others.

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