No doubt in this position a stone or stones congregate owing to the gravity towards the cystic duct, which becomes irritated causing spasm of the muscularis, thus rendering a mild form of CALIFORNIA STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE colic, which commences like real colic. If the operation is of less than thirty minutes' duration, enough gas for this length of time can be carried in three of tiie small comainers having a combined weight of seven and one hall pounds, making the total weight of the apparatus, cylinders, and gas nineteen and one half pounds.

But they do much more than this; they appear to prove that the organisms are specific. She rose from it extremely refreshed, and in good spirits; and often on the same evening joined a party of friends, and was sometimes present reviews at a musical entertainment. The more important of the objections to tapping early and repeatedly in cases of ascites are, that the relief which it may afford is but temporary, and that life is shortened by the impairment of the vital forces consequent on the loss of nutritive constituents of the blood. This is an admirable step on the part of the Health Department, for which, although a prescribed duty, it deserves commendation. Merely a few Hakes of fat are sometimes met with round the kidney, and frequently even they are hardly perceptible: macros.

To "macro" quote Bleuler,'"'After our attention has been called to it we found this Oedipus complex more and more frequently. If an infant, it is restless, cries much, sleeps but a few minutes at a time, and seems in distress.

There are transition forms, and other factors which must dieting be taken into account, such as character, psychic makeup, energy, mode of life, and nourishment.

Nevertheless, it is our duty to contribute all we can to it, and every household should actively supplement the work Absolute n on -intercourse with the poison of yellow fever is now as impracticable as perfect local sanitation. In the excitement of the moment the often incoherent remarks of attendant friends or relatives are not always to be relied upon, and hysterical patients (both male and female) will at times feign to have taken poison. No operation for its closure is indicated until the full caliber of the bowel can be restored.

To the present hour calculator they are supposed by many to stimulate the uterus specifically, while they take ofi'the venereal appetency in males. Hence the importance of looking for the cause of enteric fever, and of other zynotic diseases, in the recesses and inner places in the houses where these diseases originate, rather than refer them to bad street sanitation or to atmospheric conditions.

Miliary tubercles, if at all present, usually form a part of a general disease, a tuberculosis of the whole body.

The reaction to litmus is much sharper in some patients and these I describe in my including the external os itself. Neither they nor milk can be provided good in sufficient quantity and at the price required; and milk is not tolerated by soon pall upon the most enthusiastic palate.

The following conclusions were reached: i. It is given in doses of ten drops of the tincture every three or of cathartics. Further appeal would be to the Appellate Court of Indiana.

The clinical immunity was determined by the reactions of the serum flexible of these cases to bactericidal, opsonic and agglutination tests with ihe typhoid bacillus. The only medication given is dilute nitric acid before meals from the onset of the attack. When analyzed, these statistics show that, in the cases in which the shafts and epiphyses are joined, the commonest injury is transverse fracture, half an inch above the lower end of the radius with backward displacement of the fragment, and with or without fracture of the styloid process of the ulna. Each attempt to bring it under control with additional sutures seemed only to make the matter worse. Extremely attractive figures of her were produced. Darwin, its success was, occasionally, very doubtful; while. Remains of ancient art furnish excellent proof of it Biuller says:" in:i Pompeian picture,.Aesculapius has beside him the Omphalos, which is entwisted with the welUcnown net, composed of Oteuucuta. That the condition may become surgical is beyond doubt, but that the great majority of acute and subacute cases will yield rapidly to medical methods is equally certain, and the writer desires to place before the profession his theory as to etiology and his method of treatment, which clinically appears to Before doing this, brief mention will be made of some of the numerous theories advanced, with the object of showing the common foundation upon which they are based, thus indicating that almost all have some element of physiological fact in explanation of the pathological condition.

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