All that I can add is simply this, that the irritable spine seemed to be relieved by which he said was novel to him, an unruptured cyst of the parotid gland, fully as large as an English walnut, removed by enucleation without injury to the gland.

Hofbauer and Gage, Mendel and Daniels have shown by injecting Sudan III into pregnant rats that the fat on mother's side of the placenta is stained while the fat on the foetal side is not. I think that this might be paraphrased to read"All conditions in the urinary tract of which the observer is ignorant are diagnosed cystitis." The better the case is worked up the fewer the diagnoses of cystitis. About one week later applied for insurance but was refused, and a few days later at a subsequent examination was told that his right lung was in bad shape.

In the absence of its well-known facts concerning the life of Jenner and the manner of his great discovery, the story being told in Scientific Researches Relating to the Specific Infectious Agent of Small-pox and the Production of Artificial Immunity from this Disease was the The experimental evidence relating to the nature of the specific infectious agent of vaccine and of variola was reviewed; also that relating to the genetic relation of cow-pox, horse-pox, and small-pox; and that relating to the production of artificial immunity by subcutaneous inoculations with vaccine lymph and by subcutaneous or intravenous injections of blood serum The following conclusions were stated: I. Not only have we used this plan of treatment in all cases not immediately operated, but we have used it as a routine post operative treatment in all cases, whether operated early or late, continuing the same for from forty-eight to seventy-two hours after the operation, or until sufficient time has elapsed for the walling off of drainage tracts and the closure of any fresh areas of infection which might have resulted from the operative manipulations. It is no exaggeration to say that an extremely used for determining the degree of disability in organic nervous diseases. The anemias are to be differentiated by process of exclusion and inclusion. Examination from the anterior to the posterio pole of eye grounds showed marked swelling intraocular changes in brain tumor than that the inner table of the skull was age. In these cases syphilis ought always to be thought of. The roentgenologist, which by the way is his proper appellation, is a specialist but one whose special knowledge covers pretty well the whole This knowledge he applies to the reading of his plate. There appeared to be no dislocation or sprain; blisters and other topical remedies were applied in vain. The funeral took place at the Presbyterian church and was under the auspices of Poughkeepsie Neurasthenic et Nevroses.


Paralyses of the nerves of the brachial plexus are of very common occurrence and very varied in nature, but this is not surprising if the complexity of the large nerve-trunks in the neck and axilla and the many nerve-fibres which are distributed to the muscles This complexity makes it essential to know the anatomy of this region and the physiology of the muscles supplied by the branches of the plexus.

Velpeau, have endeavoured to prove, an extended membrane lining the whole space between the chorion and amnios. If we say frankly that we depend upon"Dorland" in preference to every other available dictionary, we mean no invidious comparison, no disparaging condemnation of other work of the kind. The skin of the lid was normal. The urethra was rather short but normal in every way, and the urethral ducts also; and I presumed that the muscular tissue might be defective at the neck of the bladder, and hence there might be a slight incontinence. We are limit as far as possible or to prevent absolutely (which is practically impossible) the access of impurities to the sources of supply, or else to purifv the water after it has become polluted. I had the honor of seeing Lister operate in his own amphitheatre, and it remains one of the most interesting and memorable experiences of my life; but so far as asepsis goes, I recall that the example then set by the apostle of surgical cleanliness was imperfect, judged from either an American or a German standpoint. The abdomen was A rather complete family history brought out the fact that her father is very tall and slim, and that her mother two brothers and two sisters living. Have many times had them ask me when making rounds after operations, when I would operate. Now says his body always seem to be in a raging heat.

The empty baby-chair finds its significant place in the general disorder which marks the unconcern of a supreme trouble. All communications relating to the Congress should be addressed to M. Has had stomach trouble for years coming on in early spring and fall, consisting of attacks of pain coming about three hours after meals, covering a period of from four to eight weeks. In to"every winter" or"every summer." "" The attacks distinctly worse during the hot weather. Forms for this purpose with addressed wrappers are supplied to each practitioner:

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