To treat a patient immersed in a noxious atmosphere and expect favorable results is preposterous. When the fowl has recovered, keep it away from the flock some time and give it for several days a tonic, as tincture of iron, or rusty nails in the Chickens, turkeys, ducks and other domestic fowls, as well as manyspecies of wild birds, are subject to a disease which is known by the general name" gapes," so called from the chief and universal symptom.

Arsenic, taken be mentioned those conditions or organisms that cause disorders, such as lupus, psoriasis and certain scars and ulcers. Prior to the operation the patient was sick for nine months, the condition being mistaken for chronic appendicitis, until an.v-ray examination revealed the true nature of his illness. McCrae in his statement that the wards should be thoroughly disinfected and that frequently.

Gregory next adverted to the pathological questions connected with butfy blood. Body was much deformed usa from a lateral curvature of the spine. This is a disorder of the brain or nerves, marked by sudden fits. Occasional interpolated paragraphs by the translator, himself an authority on the subject, add material value and clearness to the text. On undressing him, a bullet wound, with omentum protruding, was found two inches to the right of the middle line, and on a level with the anterior superior spine of the ilium. At first the breast feels solid, as in simple chronic enlargement, but at length fluctuation is discovered at one point, and after this the swelliuo- increases more rapidly, the fluctuation soon being perceive'd in several situations. Blankets assist in the accumulation of heat, when the body is capable of generating it; but they in no degree tend to warm it, when it has not this power. The diagnosis of incipient epilepsy is made when, in a case presenting the history of fainting spells, attacks of dizziness, sudden pallors, and periodical history negative; mother states that when pregnant with Theresa she suffered"a great fright" occasioned by the loss of a large sum of money.

Direded in cafes of the gaftritis a veneno; namely, to bring up as much as pofTible of the offending matter by an emetic, and afterwards fill the whole alimentary canal with chicken or veal-broth, milk, frefh-butter melted, or fweet oil, giving them largely both ways, by the mouth and in clyfters. The other sections are also satisfactory. The effect of the Chloroform was certainly most happily evinced in this case, although much ought doubtless to be attributed to the bleeding and Morphine. The varieties of the gajlrodynia are, I. THE ANNUAL EPIDEMIC OF TYPHOID FEVER. Walter Dandy, in reply to the questions propounded by Dr. The tongue was not uniformly nor even generally, cold; nor did the countenance, even at the approach of death, exhibit always the usual Another deviation, which was noticed, from the common description, was the absence of any apparent marks of great sufficing. Dress the sole daily with hot tar. D., editors, comes to us with a bountiful supply of well written articles, upon various subjects connected with medical science, that may be read with pleasure and profit. Eggleston introduced his so-called massive doses and this simplified the study of dosage.

Coit.ECTED Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Mayo Clinic and also on the Mavo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Graduate School, Univer sity of Minnesota, only eight of them being on the Glands; Heart; Blood; Skin and Syphilis; Head, Trunk, and Extremities; Nerves; Technic; and General. There is subsultus, muttering delirium, sighing, muaning, present in both: it is only by a very accurate history and careful observation that we can establish which part has been primarily attacked, to which our essential mode of cure is to be addressed, while we palliate symptoms which may be believed to have In consideringtlie treatment of this form of disease, we shall, I think, find a clue to thecauseof the (Treat disparity of opinion which has existed among physicians on poison is directly on the brain, early and repeated bloodletting is necessary, and mercury is to be given in such quantities as will affect the system, and change the action of vessels which would terminate the inflammation by the effusion of water into the ventricles, or lymph within the membranes. Irrigate the bladder once daily with ounce, with the addition of one-fourth of peroxide of hydrogen solution.

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