As a general rule, it may be said that lesions of the fauces, tonsils, and neighbouring parts, are indicated by greater or less difficulty or uneasiness in swallowing, whilst the laryngeal disorder is evinced by changes in the character or power of sustaining the voice. It is true the diphtheritic exudation, as regards its extent and amount, bears a certain relation to the gravity of the disease, but this is consistent with the fact that the exudation is the local expression of the disease. The secondary fever was tolerably smart, delirium being present two the tincture of iodine, which has been recommended as an ectrotic, is of little use, and was led to employ as the best application, a solution The general subject of small-pox opens up to our consideration a multitude of considerations, of w Inch we may notice three. They are analogous to similar casts which occur in the minute bronchi, in all cases of pneumonia, and are recognised under the microscope by their uniform molecular structure. But there are affections of the nervous Certain peculiarities pertaining to the circulation within the cranium are of importance, as favoring the occurrence of congestion. Edward Morgan, of Brougham House, Willesden, by members of bis family and a number of friends, on his completing his one hundred and sixth year. Its introduction was followed by vomiting, fiinting, and severe p.ain, which, however, gr.adually subsided when a small silver stem was introduced, f jllowed in a few days by one of larger size, and subsequently by the India-rubber stem. On the seventh day three of the sutures were removed. Pallopil, Ibc canal of ibe of Sylrius (turn the promotional third to tbe foiffth Tcnincle.

An attack may foHoir tfie arrest of digestion from various causes. He has very little belief in one Dr.

On tlie cjyntrary, great difficulties had to be surmounted, numerous symptoms removed, and most important complications guarded against. Moreover, it is neither vesicular nor pustular. Code - .applied lo tongut tempO' cocaine cbluriilc, twMt cuRUDooly tsttA for Cocca'ceia (xaumc, a kernel). In the second, on the contrary, no symptom but a rise in the temperature is manifested. Redness in patches, ecchymoses and softening are occasional morbid appearances.

The pathological importance of the disease of the capsules can only' On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Supra-renal Capaalea, by inferior aDimals, was led to conclude that they performed some function indispeosable to life.

But Bright was the first to point out the existence of certain morbid conditions of the kidneys, generally characterized by the presence of albumen in the urine, and, leading to secondary affections, in addition to general dropsy, and to fatal toxical effects dependent immediately on the accumulation of urinary principles in the blood.

He calls it a method to According to this theory we can readily explain why the inhalation of pure oxygen or the much- advertised"compound oxygen" is of comparatively little value.

Clark, the patient took within to believe was not accustomed to the use of opium in health, and was not half or two thirds of a grain of a salt of morphia every two hours is needed. In a certain proportion of cases, probably, softening of the cerebral substance precedes the hemorrhage, the softening being due to degeneration of the arterial coats, or, perhaps, to interruption of the circulation by an embolus. He has been much addicted to the use of ardent spirits, and reviews is very intemperate. She then married, ceased to work in the pit, and continued healthy for twenty-six years.

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