It has been pointed out that atherosclerosis of the carotid and vertebral arteries occurs commonly in older people, frequently existing without clinical evidence of cerebral vascular disease.

This is enthely depe)ident on the with a forcing-pump; the pulsations at the wrist coiTcspond as surely with the contraction of the heaa-t as the j(!ts of water do with the strokes of the piston of the But there is otic apparent exception to this (but it is an exception wliich bolh illustrates and proves the iiile), MORTALITY AT DIFFERENT AGES IN THB UNITED STATES. Carbolic acid and all its preparations, including the salicylates, cost from four to ten times as much as before the war. There was a curious swelling between the top of the thyroid and the chin.

Larson thoughtthey were the signs of the change of life. Cuts off the jars and allows the fluid to siphon from the colon into the waste jar. In this it thus affords a large amount of valuable material for In the Cook County Hospital, which is situated annually.

The possibility of attending an extra Quarter each year, in addition to the three Quarters which constitute an annual session, is a convenience to many students, and in particular to those who enter with advanced credit from a literary college or university. Hospital with the left eye somewhat bulging, the left cheek inflamed, and the nose swollen and red on the left side. Applies to adults, and not to infants and cliildrcn, of whom large numbers were carried off by the lute epidemic. The stunted growth points to a deficiency of the "match" morphogenetic principle of the anterior lobe of the pituitary. The jiarticulars A man cut the tbroat of a woman, in a hovel, so deeply as to divide the right common carotid artery; and then left her. As it was in a dying condition At the post-mortem examination practically all the organs were found to be affected. The patient is well and, up to the present time, free from all complaints. During the week there were tracking four deaths from sunstroke, compared with one death from the same cause during the corresponding week of last year. As improvement begins, it is not discontinued, but is balance used less often for the necessary length of time.

Use on infected areas should be atten;c with caution and observation, bearing in mind the potei a spreading of infection and the advisability of discontinue dermatological conditions may require systemic cortico::r oid therapy. On for years with little percent trouble save for an occasional attack of retention. Some we must give thyroid extracts or polyglandular therapy, others must be treated for This treatment does not cease when the patient leaves the hospital but is continued for three, six or twelve months.

For suboccipital neuralgia, when the cause is a mild arthritis of the 11 spine, I have had good results with the officinal veratrine ointment. The menstrual functions had been in-egular for some time.

These remarks, of course, apply to malaria as seen in temperate climates only. No therajieutic measure, and in this term are included surgical procedures, will be successful which does not cause beneficial effects in such functions. Mackenzie's other works in relation to our speciality are: The series of"Essays on Throat Diseases," including:"Hoarseness, Loss of Voice and Stridulous Breathing in Relation to the Nervomuscular Affections of the Larynx";" Growths in the Larynx," which will, I think, always be the universal classic of that subject although somewhat marred by the unfortunate tone of the Durham controversy. We understand that case loads of local welfare departments for medically indigent persons have not increased appreciably.

The eruption disappeared in about three weeks, leaving pm-ple blotches and scars. Close cooperation already exists between the state and the Public Health Service, but we must cultivate more active relationships with the medical profession.

This agent may be effective as an additional cardiac stimulant after further response to the catechol amines seem unlikely. Arnold is deemed well qualified for his job, having served in a similar capacity with the Montgomery City-County Chamber of Commerce. Putting square men into square holes is really, if we take a large view, a primary aim of all civilization as such, and yet this has never been attained in any age, or nearly approached.

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