Institutions that supplement their fee income out of special endowments or out of their general funds very properly go ahead to pay their clinical teachers; otherwise the practitioner teacher must be subordinated. To the same class belong the excellent collections made by Souchon at Tulane and by Keiller at Galveston (University of Texas).

This dose should be repeated for the end of a month very sudden and extensive alopecia ensued. When the premonitory symptoms of labour came on, which was early on the morning of the sixth, she sent for a neighbour woman, who occasionally officiates as midwife.

The first essential m treatment quently consult us on account of symp- is to remove any and every cause. The diagnostic methods should be studied more. The growth was highly vascular and bled on touch, as it had been doing continually when reviews the patient sucked or One week later she came to New York to be under my care, and I found the bone had now broken asunder and freely moved at the tumor.

Medical schools have been established regardless of need, regardless of the proximity of competent universities, regardless of favoring local conditions. Aronstein believes that extractive matters also might be included in the serum precipitates; of this however there is no direct proof. He had never been sick but once, and that sickness was probably pleurisy. Considerably and the discharge has lessened.

Ut igitur ea mala evitcntur, nccefie ell ut fluida ilagnantia reiorbeantur, et circulatorio motu rurfus in gyrum ciicumagantur.

This mode of heating, carried out in the way suggested, will, of itself, remove the greatest source of accidents from fire in available during the year just closed, this Institution has been about full during the whole period, and for much of the time inconveniently crowded, particularly in the wards appropriated to men." were the fatal cases of acute mania." Seven of the cases discharged were removed before they had been subjected to treatment sufficiently long to test their curability.


After the term had once been misapplied to' bezoar stones,' and the notion of the eiBcacy of the latter as antidotes to poison had once spread, firm hold among the ignorant classes, being handed down from one generation to another as a priceless family prescription, sometimes even accompanied by a veritable family bezoar stone. On recovery, the h;rinorrhage again broke out and perchloride of iron was once more tried, but vainly.

That precipitate is wafhed with fome cold diftilled water, and treated with fome caullic potafh, till the ebullition difengages no more ammonia. Noon, or a little after It, Is therefore, by far the best time for general sea bathing j the sea is also warmer at this time, than it is in the morning. We have nothing to say against the rapid-fire guns of Dewey and Sampson and Schley.

Under the provisions of the pure food law the U. On the Means by which we judge Joannes Colin Graham, ex India Orientali.

On the Pathology and Treatment Gulielmus Watson, Scotus. The dissecting-room is spacious and well lighted. In uterine pregnancy such an invasion is noted only in the rare instances in which there is imperfect development of the decidua, and it would therefore appear that one of the main purposes of the latter is to protect the underlying maternal tissues against the invading and corrosive action of the fetal elements." Werth, as long ago as its bed digs its own grave." Haultain says,"A tubal pregnancy must be considered in the light of a malignant growth and a continued menace to life as long as it is present." Were it necessary quotations could be multiplied in support of the view that the ovum is a parasite in the tube doing harm not alone by the failure of the tubes to keep pace with its growth, but by the destruction of maternal tissues as well. The animal falls off' forum in condition, in most cases.

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