The funnel-shaped puckering of peritomeum presenting at the internal abdominal opening is obliterated. He should use his influence not only to give a patient confidence in the ability of a worthy and faithful medical attendant, but to lead the patient to a true appreciation of the value of the practitioner's services. For the Treatment of Tape-Worm (Taenia Solium).

The theatre was crowded; it was a Sunday-night performance, always the best patronized in our wicked city.

Sequin points to the similarity of symptoms and conditions in migraine and epilepsy, and conjectures the centric origin of migraine. The general condition was poor without being very cachectic.

Ness of an observation and the number of investigators c. Molin speaks thus of the'rhumatisme noueux' (our rheumatic gout or rheumatoid arthritis), occurring in women at the menopausic epoch.

President and Members of the Society: would expect me to present some thoughts for the consideration of the society, touching a medico-legal question (which, allow me to say. I mention this incident to show how important blood letting was then regarded in the treatment of pneumonia. Unlike tea or coffee, it is not only a stimulant but a nourisher; and it has the great advantage of leaving none of their narcotic effects on the system.

It is possible that the widespread dissemination of smallpox during the last few years may have been assisted by on Public Health and National Quarantine has agreed to report favorably the Mallory national quarantine bill in an amended form. There was a merely serous effusion rapidly diminishing, and we looked to the wound being healed in a few days more.

Moreover, it may be doubted whether the ferment in question is the actual agent which curdles milk on its passage into the stomach; for the acid of the gastric juice, which also curdles milk, would probably be beforehand with it, inasmuch as its action is a good deal more prompt than that of the ferment. It seemed to me that the parents were trying to salvage what blessings they could from a tragic situation. But the normal os that will admit a sound will certainly admit active spermatozoa at any time, and if so, what is is present? The statement of Hanc is too sweeping, and needs qualification. See that his name is and at every Pharmacy. Warren, of Portland, presented a practical paper on this subject at the late meeting of the Maine Medical Association, in which he classed abortions under four heads, advocating primary extraction of the placenta without leaving the result to nature, observing, of course, all proiDer p.recautions with reference to shock and hemorrhage. It does not exactly do to say correlation of force, for the reason in the electro magnet, for instance, the magnetic force is arrested only by the change in polarity of the induction coils, and the thing called electricity is only felt by the interruption of the flow of the current (if current it be).

Bayard" The Administration of Diphtheria Antitoxin and Performance of Intubation by the Department of Health Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol.

Manipulation causes no bleeding This patient lived three months in comparative ease, but eventually died from acute peritonitis. Occasionally he gave a restless, feeble toss, accompanied by a deep inspiration. Belladonna and oxide of zinc are administered in pill Sig. Facts thus arrived at are worth mountains of opinions, and I would suggest to Dr. The finding of the jury was in accordance with this statement. Very sreat importance of prescribin (Medicinal), from which all hurtful c By specifying in your prescriptions of Hy-drogen (Medicinal),"which is bottles, bearing my label and signature, you will never be imposed upon Chemist and Graduate of the" Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures de Paris" (France). I have watched the effects of the Soden Waters for a considerable period, and regard them as extremely valuable in obstinate catarrhal affections of the throat.

This is contrary to the view of Nicholson, as stated by Norris (Progressive Medicine, Vol.

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