How To Play Montana Red Dog Card Game

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Statement of Accounting Standards Division of the American Institute of (p) a report in reasonable detail describing all outstanding accounts payable and other claims against any of the material assets of, or otherwise against, the Borrower and his Affiliates, together with a description of the Borrower's arrangements already in effect and contractually binding with respect to the repayment of such accounts payable and other claims, as well as his plans with respect to those accounts payable and other claims for which no repayment arrangements be in form, scope and substance satisfactory to the Banks; (q) such evidence as any Bank shall reasonably request that the federal, state and local taxes which the Borrower (r) a note from each of the Borrower's Affiliates (other than any of the Casino Entities and any Persons deemed to be Affiliates by virtue of clause (ii) or (iv) of the definition of"Affiliate" herein) payable to the Borrower, in form and substance satisfactory to each Bank, evidencing the obligation of such Affiliate to pay upon the occurrence of a Capital Event an amount equal to all cash and Cash Equivalents of such Affiliate at such time, each of which notes shall be pledged to the Agent for the benefit of the Banks; (s) copies of all employment agreements, collective bargaining agreements, bonus, pension or retirement plans, or vacation pay, insurance or welfare agreements to which any of the Borrower and his Affiliates is a party or is subject; and (t) such other documents or legal opinions as the Agent or any Bank or special counsel to the Agent may reasonably request, all in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent or such requesting Bank, as the case may be: gamespot:

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