Other Products of Ihc ruherclc Bacillus in the Two Cases, By John Edmund Mackenty. First of all exclude such causative factors as intestinal worms, onanism, alcoholism, etc.


In grave (but rare) cases cerebral symptoms, such as delirium, convulsions, and coma, may occur and The diagnosis rests on the acute onset, fever, nephritis, and icterus. The following summary of conclusions is warinted by up to date observations, studies, and reiilts: hcredosyphilis is no criterion that the infant is not infected. In general oedemaj vapor baths, alcoholic baths. In the state of these nerves and vessels is to be sought and found the explanation of the phenomena of disease. Pcney, to C'est vers I'age de sept ou huit ans, que la jeune fiUe est livree a la niatrone chargee de I'operer. A very slight rise in temperature pointed to that diagnosis, but the extreme induration possible to determine only by an exploratory operation. Dilatation of the heart, with absence of valvular sounds, persistent slowness of pulse, with occasional attacks of palpitation Chronic sclerosing myocarditis, usually secondary to sclerotic changes in the vessels and habitually due to syphilis, gives symptoms of indefinite nature, but which may be said to include precordial pain on slight exertion, with arrhythmia and shortness of breath after exercise. Inflammatory edema, following lobar pneumonia, is also grave in the extreme. I was led to think favourably of the water-cure treatment, by the perusal of one of your books upon the subject, and therefore at once surrendered myself to your care, and during the three weeks I remained in yom' house, and from that time to the present date, I unremittingly followed your directions; being packed in the wet sheet every morning for one hour, as well as using the shallow-bath, sitz-bath, and compresses, at the same time drinking cold water, and observing the diet recommended by you. Instead has a dull, non-glistening surface"like a tarnished mirror," due to a slight fibrinous exudate. So that, like an artificial socket formed by a dislocated bone, was at first unnatural, has and superseded the original provision of nature.

This powder dissolved in water forms the basis of the injection. This swelling may remain small, being not more than two or three inches in diameter, or it mav increase in size, attaining a diameter of two feet or more, extending beyond the shoulder and even travelling along the trunk as a well-defined oedematous area. If one party insists that pseudoleukemia is due to tuberculosis, because, in the majority of cases investigated from this point of view, the tubercle bacillus has been found in the Ivmphglands, and the other party insists that, as the tubercle bacillus has not been found in all of the glands, therefore there must be various forms ot establish their contention, and that the argument will continue with unabated vigor until some definite discoveries are made.

The conditions of life which round us and bound us, whether in town or country, in college or institution, give lo the most liberal a smack review of parochialism, just as surely as we catch the tic of tongue of the land in which we live. Opium, however, is to be used very sparingly, and generally in the form of paregoric. He refers to the climate safe most suitable for tuberculous subjects. Moreover, the physical signs are more frequently referable to the apices, and the disease is more steadily progressive, running a form of broncho-pneumonia that so frequently follows certain infectious diseases (measles, whooping-cough, etc.) is in the majority of instances tuberculous has been steadily gaining. Working in this line, I published a paper recently and detailed some cases of membranous sore throat which I thought were proved conclusively to be caused by the influenza. With the cautery iron at a dull-red heat the pedicle is reduced one half, presenting a charred and dry surface. Following this form of treatment the results of this variety of abscess in my hands have been On the subject of fistula in ano Dr. Tea, coffee and beer should be who presented a tumor on the front of the thorax: is. The indications do not necessari ly include fever or rigors; persistent pain and tenderness, after tlje tympanic membrane has been thoroughly open for a week, is usually a sufficient reason. Complications, especially pneumonia or diphtheria, may prove fatal, and in some cases the mortality bowels when necessary, fulfil all the indications for internal medication. These deposits possess some degree of organisability. The urine gradually resumed its normal condition, the pain disappeared, and now, one year legit after operation, there is no evidence of hematuria, though there is slight burning on micturition and a slight sedi the literature.

He had been under the care of an outside physician, seen by another in consultation, and sent away to a sanatarium for a number of months. The temperature in cases of mastoiditis is exceedingly deceiving. Thus, among disposing factors are hysteria, anemia, neurasthenia, chlorosis, and toxic agencies (tea, cofiFee, tobacco, the poisons of fevers). The history is very essential in differentiation from diseased Entero-colitis as well as influenza may cause tenderness in the vicinity of the appendix, but a study of the concomitant symptoms should suffice for purposes of differentiation.

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