He announces here the plan of mode in which students may introduce a fiiend, and the mode of studying anatomy. The small opening and the layers of fibrine inside seemed to account for the duration of life after rupture, and thus a somewhat lingering death was the result, instead of the usual sudden death caused by rupture of the heart. The urine was normal, and the bowels regular.

The stratum lucidum was absent in both cases and the stratum granulosum was abnormal and in places entirely wanting. AMINO ACIDS tracking OF THE AROMATIC SERIES.

I make a claim, therefwre, for old agents of the pharmacopoeia. He was now considerably improved, but more so in the left than the right leg. Schott says," I wish every medical man to know this treatment, for only the few, with big hearts, can come to Nauheim, The treatment of large and weak hearts by exercise is not new, as Dr. Then he would quote a very low price on putting forceps, condition: whereupon: the doctor collected his instruments and handed them to the stranger: the stranger collected payment in advance and walked out with pay and instruments: and when the weeks went by and the doctors heard nothing of the instruments, they investigated and found there was no such firm or street-number in.Atlanta! These doctors have asked that the news be passed on for the protection of others, thus showing a Do you say.

Juliet" Some persons boil the root lq wine down to a third part, and preserve the decoction, of which they administer a cyathus (rather more than an ounce and a half) in want of sleep, or severe pains of any part, and also before operations with the knife, or the actual cautery, that they may not be felt." Further on he says:"A wine is prepared from the bark of the root without boiling, and three pounds of it are put into a cadus (about eighteen gallons) of sweet wine, and three cyathi of this are given to those who require to be cut or cauterised, when, being thrown into a deep sleep, they do not feel any pain." Dioscorides adds, referring to a kind of mandragora called Morion, that a drachm of it, being taken as a draught, or eaten in a cake or other food, causes infatuation and takes away the use of reason. Neosalvarsan at the United states Military Prison Hospital. During the entile illness the patient w.ih mildly delirious; at him, yet at no lime did he appear to be in extreme the one for which I report it this evening, was the r-ondition arising on the day of his actual crisis, nainely, delirium and his docilitv under treatment, he became practically insane. These ensued, and which, after having been carried on several years, ended in of very great value. Ihe cyst wall, thickened and necrotic, was found closely adherent to the parietal peritoneum. Some of the patients affected give a history of tetany in early childhood; in a few of them, the residues of an earlier tetany are visible in the form of perinuclear cataract or of the tetany The so-called maternity tetany may occur at any period of pregnancy or lactation, but, like all forms of tetany, it is most common in the so-called tetany months. In nineteen cases the drug was used for post-partum hemorrhage and Edgar says the results were disappointing and that he considers its use in these cases unreliable. Previous History: Patient had scarlet fever at six years of age, were always regular and normal in amount and duration. Dicey of the Midland Railroad; George Lowe, engineer; John Whitehouse, known iis the Clockmaker; John Mushat, metallurgist. Patient is gaining (juite rapidly in weight. It should be used with the history and the chemical tests to get the best results in difficult cases. The chronic reviews pentosuria reported in human beings, in which considerable quantities of pentose are excreted, are due to some inborn error of metabolism (Garrod). This would at once do away with the pretence that is urged as a reason for the indiscriminate issue of dispensary tickets, that the recipient was unable to paya pound fee. The chemists, as a rule, believe that their method is the surer one, whilst the bacteriologist considers his process as the only really reliable one. The abdomen was found considerably distended by flatus; no fluid could be detected there.

Walford, he brought forward some thirty-fourth year, whom he had attended in several confinements, and for whom he had more than once to remove the placenta by at the fourth month. There was no fracture or depression. These and a few other undeniable facts were clearly seen, but they were quickly obscured by other facts which made,' to my mind, all dogmatism in regard to treatment absolutely impossible. We have had hitherto no adequate means of disinfection for leather, especially in the form most The preceding experiments show in most satisfactory manner the efficiency of this form of formaldehyde and the reliability of the apparatus employed for all ordinary purposes of room disinfection.

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