In addition to the material thus added to the English edition, the author has furnished for the American edition such material as has accumulated since the passage of the sheets through the press in London, so that the work, as now presented to the American profession, contains his latest views The increase in the size of the work has seemed to render necessary its division into two volumes. Immune globulin was recommended for children in the day care group, their household contacts, and per sons living in homes supplied by the two contaminated wells. Interesting and complex as this case is, the most important feature about it is the clearness with which it illustrates the kidney and liver. Sometimes, though rarely, the patient would complain of a general sensation of heat, though, to the feel of the attendants, he would be actually cold. In all cases in which the skin is violently inflamed, and particularly when the seat of an abundant exudation or infiltration which blocks circulation and retards nutrition, the tissues are especially liable to death, molecular or by sloughing, and formation of bedsores. J A New Method of treating Strictures of the Rheumatoid Disease in Dilatation of the Bronchi. This has been criticised by some. In this family, in which the disease could be traced back for a century, one died from a wound of the tongue caused by a toothpick; others from injury of the fisenum of the tongue, the bite of a rat, a scratch on the forehead, and even from umbilical haemorrhage at fifteen days old. Rolf believes that the mechanics of changing the position of the lenses are sufficiently simple so that most persons are able to master them easily. Taken in season, and treated with decision and judgment, few diseases yield with so much certainty to a proper course Osteo-Sarcoma is a disease which as yet is but ill defined, and which has served as a general receptacle for extraordinary and anomalous cases.

The treatment oi the subject must, in accordance with the conditions of the Trust, embody original observa tions or researches or original deductions. With this view, I filled a brass syringe with a warm solution of soda (consisting of five grains of domestic soda to an ounce of water).

Anatomy, Surgery, Botany, and This custom to be sure does not now prevail For some reasons we do not profess fully to understand, but we think we cannot widely err in imputing to want of unity and harmony among some of the leading members of the profession in our sister city, the number of students in the" Medical College of the University of New York has rather diminished, while that of younger institutions in its neighborhood has increased.

So far Dr Fenoglio's experience extends. Chronic inflammation of the larynx is sometimes the sequel of an acute or subacute attack, but much more frequently it is a mere extension of the chronic form of inflammation ed about the fauces, the mucous membrane of both being continuous, along which it is, therefore, apt to spread in protracted cases. Micturition is likely to be much more frequent in cystitis than in prostatitis. The result sought to be attained by any pharmaceutical or other operation. A high density is good ground for suspicion. He sat up in bed himself, but was quite unable to move his head forward. Cincinnati, O., THE ASSOCIATON OF MILITARY SURGEONS OF THE UNITED STATES. Lifting of the head, throwing it alternately on the shoulder and on the ground, trembling of head, members and body, cramps or jerking of the limbs or of other parts, drawing the hind limbs up against the abdomen, and again extending them, rolling of the eyes, loud, noisy, irregular, embarrassed breathing and a running down pulse are often marked features.

One of the excursions made by M. Foma'cis,'a them from the superior, called Nates. The surface growth is limited, showing no tendency to spread, and first white, later a yellowish-tan tinge. Majua seu tecto'rum, A'izobn, Bciahalalen, Buphthalmus, Bar'ba Cyphel, Jupiter's Beard, (F.) Joubarbe dis toits.

Another important factor was the difference in personnel.

Lesion recurrence may be related to incomplete excision of these minor feeders. In herpes zoster with the neuritis there may be slight enlargement of the cervical glands. Guy Townsend, M D THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF WEST VIRGINIA MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NORTH A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

An acid formed by heating phosphoric acid. A common cause is the stocking of the limbs, with the attendant congestion, distension and debility of the skin. The best account of ophthalmic diseases, at the time of its publication, is to be found in the third volume of his"Elements of Surgery." The most important aera in the history of ophthalmic surgery, is the foundation of the school at Vienna.

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