Only in the thoroughness of this step is there any assurance of success. In distinguishing purulent from non-purulent lesions, it must be recalled that the former always give a positive reaction, unless the abscess is so effectually walled off that toxins cannot reach the circulation; and that the latter give a negative reaction, unless there happens to be some other source of toxaemia at work. In support of this view, figures are given in detail of the distance from the skin lesions by way of the arteries to the heart. Certainly he never tired of reiterating to students the imi)ortiUice of a thorough knowledge of the two great infectious diseases, tuberculosis and syphilis. Broad treads, spreading their weight, enabled the weasels to move over minefields without setting off a blast. What are the cases that can best be so kept? In the first place, all cases of alienation in which hysteria enters as an element must be carefully selected as among those that should be kept out of asylum.

Through the early recognition of the disease and promptness in treatment, many cases may be controlled during the initial stage and the attack, if not actually aborted, at least materially modified in severity.

It is found that atoxyl accumulates in the body, and toxic symptoms may arise after the drug has been stopped for a week. A very striking peculiarity of the pathologic anatomy of tuberculosis in infancy and childhood is the preponderating involvement of the lymph nodes and especially those of the lungs.

These questions were not, as we understand it, asked of students, who, coming fresh from the schools, might reasonably be expected to be up in all the most recent work and literature.

In one case the reaction did not appear until the sixth week, the blood being negative during the first, second, fourth, and fifth weeks.

Because of their limited scale, they soon became obsolete by the rush of Welsh's medical plans, despite their quick demise, contained hospitalization and evacuation principles that were to reappear in subsequent more Welsh emphasized that the Army in the British Isles should establish"its own complete medical service with units and transport to collect and While he arranged for the linkedin initial care of American casualties in British hospitals, his plans called for early construction of U.S. A distinct advance has been aceomplisiied if one can obtain regularly even a single characteristic would enable one to determine many of the essential characteristics of the disease in question. The more enterprising organizations found uses for some of the litter. They are usually punctured wounds due to falling upon pointed objects, gunshot wounds, or tears accompanpng fractures of the pehds.

The injured vessel is exposed and followed up to healthy tissue and no higher and then ligated, the wound to be left open and without tamponade. Table given before, this variety of fistula is recorded as being the most frequent of all the varieties of fistulae. Of the mixed specimens were injected into each of two susceptible liuman volunteers, part of the material being given subcutaneously and the remainder intramuscularly. There was only one complete failure, and no mortality; nor were there any dangerous symptoms during the anaesthesia. Peculiarity in the individual, as one factor, and that the most important, in the production of the Neuralgia. The artery; both ends must be ligated, the It may be necessary at this time to enlarge the wound, for the skin may be much less extensively involved than the It is of great assistance to mobilize the lips of the skin in order to expose and facilitate the repair of the deeper structures. - when they entered the Naval Hospital, they found filth and chaos. REPAIR OF INJURY TO THE LUNGS.

'I rotation and th.' ccecum was left, in consequence, in itt beneath the liver just adjacent to the gall bladder. If the circulation of the diseased part be in any way impeded, the febrile reaction becomes still less marked, but the local reaction is distinct.

Cause of obstruction is a permanent one, it is often advisable to remove the tube after twenty-four to forty-eight hours; but the patient should be allowed to try breathing through the mouth before removing the tube, testing his capacity by stopping the cannula. The Use of Paraffin for Restoring the Bridge of two cases of depression of the bridge of the nose, in which Gersuny"s method of restoration by means of the subcutaneous injection of paraffin was tried with very satisfactory results. That derived from the stomach is either blackened and rusty, or it may be coagulated and altered externally. The various exercises are described. Wishing to furnish a preliminary proof of my knowledge before making an official demand, I begged of the Faculty of Medicine the permission to profess at the collegium during the canicule. The blind are divided into three classes, the incurable, the probably but not certainly curable, and the curable, each comprising not far from a third of the blindness is included.

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