The disease, whatever may have been its real nature and origin, was at length, after defying almost every other conceivable method of rational treatment, at once arrested in every instance in which mercury was given, and pushed to the extent of jDroducing its well-known specific effect upon the gums. The gonococcus may remain in the tissues for indefinite periods without producing ill efifects. Here, it appears to me, we must exercise our greatest patience. Used Bier's hyperemia with some benefit. As the result of the frequent acid reaction of the saliva the teeth of the diabetic are predisposed to caries; it is also assumed that considerable fermentation goes on in the diabetic's mouth due to the fact that sugar is contained in the saliva.

Moreover, are ohen:..uitalle for -the application of the Carrel-Dakin technique which appears,;,,.

The Index Medicus, a monthly bibliography by Billings and Fletcher, is now indispensable to the profession. M.vrCEL PoisoT, ancien interne des hopitaux de Paris, etc This work is a detailed study of seventy-two cases of severe eruptions supervening in the course of tuberculosis and other diseases, mainly typhoid fever, in which, especially in children, they constituted what the author calls a true erythematous syndrome, accompanied by high fever, vomiting, green diarrhoea, ulceration of the nasal and labial margins, prostration, the peritoneal facies, and a modification of the fever curve. She had vomited infrequently and lost a little in weight. This led the writer to conclude that this was a case of salpingitis secondary to appendicitis. Advanced Ectopic Gestation, with Living in which he said that all these cases began as tubal pregnancy. Thus while prolificity is Mental capacity has nothing to do with education, information, or mere knowledge. The general treatment in acute pharyngitis should be"sustaining." Possible renal irritation should be borne in mind, and no food allowed that may tax the kidneys. As a rule we require more drainage than we can expect from the tube, consequently we nuTst incise, not puncture the drum membrane. Voided during the fore period of this experiment than during the fore periods of the previous experiments. 'I'lii- i annot alway- be avoided, but experience', I rflll drU-rH-nl In Llnnd Wnlk. - personally, he saw these cases rather frequently, perhaps one every week or two; some of them good-sized epigastric herniae; others so small that they could scarcely be called hernije, but rather epigastric fingerpoints. The circulation then rapidly improved, in fact the clinical condition was better than before the occurrence. They readily control the symptoms of the disease, but I have yet to see the case permanently cured by these remedies, and a large proportion of the late recurrences which have come under my observation have been treated early in the disease by one of these two remedies. A good rule is to give food which will easily pass through a rather fine sieve (cream, butter, sweet oil, milk, gruels, raw egg, beef juice, meat, jellies, vegetables, purees, apple BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Lavage of the fasting stomach was followed which served the purpose of lessening pyloric spasm, of combating the hyperacidity and of The good results of this treatment were seen promptly in a marked lessening of distress and itself completely.

In other words, many hospitals engage internes because of the service they may be able to render the sick, and the interne is permitted to gather such experience as he may.

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