This society is receiving from seriousminded men and women all over the country requests for literature which shall throw more light on the situation ( He has had equal success with naphthol in psoriasis, eczema, and ichthyosis, and there is nothing better, he says, to allay tormenting Heusinger also speaks in high praise of naphthol as an external agent (alcohol lotion or pomade) in the skin diseases mentioned above, in lupus erythematosus, and in chancres. Just audible percu.s.sion (in the intercostal spaces) with one finger, using the other as plexiineter.

This confirmed "" the results obtained by Kubesamen in eclampsia cases. The left pleural cavity was distended with clear serum. - they certainly prove that the operation itself does not produce sterility. American Unit on Way to Serbia Reaches detailed for work in Serbia, under the leadership of Dr. If any law can be so framed as to restrain the privileges of the well-qualified in certain directions there is no reason why similar means could not be used to prevent the quacks from openly defying every enactment that has thus far been made (

Because the jaw articulation was usually so far back in these cases, entrance be by way of the mastoid cells and antrum.

In Italy there later arose institutions for educating physicians,, before the end of the thirteenth century, the surgeons ing, in this way, the incorporated medical Faculty; and while thus integrating themselves, they excluded from erations, were allowed only to dress wounds, etc. A small effusion should be tapped if it has existed for some time and exhibits no tendency to disappear.

Many cells would be expected and possibly occult blood. Upon examination the patient was found to be a well developed and nourished woman, and up toward the gall bladder caused some muscle kidney could not be palpated. Since mine differs, however, in one important particular, namely, the preservation of the sheath, since Sporon nowhere suggests that is made to the outer side of the achilles tendon.

" Doctors are not fair to ask all this of us! Why don't they teach the fathers, and have them teach their sons? And why don't they protect society from these contagions by reporting them to health boards?" I replied that many of us cried peccavi; that this society and some others were hoping to accomplish the steps suggested; but that we must have help, and felt that no more valuable allies could be secured than professional instructors of youth. In suturing I am careful to distribute the wound margins properly, so that there will be no folding of any portion of the intestinal wall or the wall of the stomach. Occasionally we find the patient who flatly states that he does not propose to do any work unless he is paid for it; that he does not intend to work for the State for nothing. We are located in a fast growing, scenic lake country area between Milwaukee and Madison and can offer excellent hospital, schools, and recreational facilities. Each "" attorney has a two-to-three-year backlog for each attorney. House of Delegates of the American Medical Association in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of that body.

In this mucus, after staining with methyl-violet, and in the pus-corpuscles contained in it, the bacilli could be seen with a magnifying power of objective) as short rods, sometimes single, sometimes in twos, or even in short chains running in the direction of the mucus, sometimes course, other bacteria were found. The absence of records of spontaneous fracture in the distal bones shows that the escape from t This was a rare case in which there waa ankylosis of the knee jand continuous extension of the process downward from the femur. The evidence of the former error, based upon recurrence or metastasis, cannot exist in the latter, because the benign tumor does not recur; and if it is pronounced malignant, it simply swells and vitiates the statistics of permanent operative recoveries in malignant disease: The exploitation of one"fake cure" after another, however, classifies the individual phy sician's previously vague information.

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