In a book entitled Chiropractic: A Modern Way to Health written by Julius Dintenfass partial list of diseases said to be amenable to Geographic variation in the incidence of peptic ulcer is a familiar fact.

Ryerson Fowler, to whose service in the hospital the patient was admitted, I am indebted for the promo privilege of operating on this case, and also for his advice in the after treatment.

But apart from those evils already referred to, whicli are caused by this absence of action on the arterioles, we know that though improvement in the cardiac metabolism is the one thing needful in all cases of heart-failure, it is of paramount importance in the class of cases just alluded to, because in them the heart-failure is due to the inability of the heart to cope unaided with the obstacles opposed to the exercise of its function.

Because it is stable in acid, well absorbed, and excreted in lesser amounts in the bile, it provides faster, higher, and longer-lasting levels of antibacterial activity (ABA) in the serum, even when taken with food, than do comparable doses of erythromycin. Three large nodular apoplectic effusions occurred in, respectively, the right upper and lowest and left lower lobes of the lungs. A statement may be made as to the general condition of the patient using the following classifications: minor injuries or similar general diagnosis, When information concerning a specific patient is requested, the physician must obtain the consent of the patient or his authorized representative before releasing such under the law. If proper precautions are not taken the whole of the acid may be lost and severe damage occasioned by the bursting from the Having now the carbon dioxide in the reservoir, it must pass through the wash-bottle on its way to the bowels of the patient, thus The sulphuretted hydrogen may be obtained in two ways; one by natural waters being impregnated therewith, the other by making a Fill the wash bottle nearly half full with water, and to every fluid ounce add one grain each of sulphide of soda and chloride of soda. Under normal circumstances the bristles of a new toothbrush should not come out, but if a brush is placed in hot water the bristles swell and may then burst out of Reprinted from The New Physician JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA State medical societies will be given the opportunity to share their experiences in the area of physician-nurse liaison activities on the state level at a nursing conference this fall. Seven cows when first tested at Ottawa gave a reaction indicatory of the disease; when tested thirty days subsequently only one of them reacted. Yelpeau had not only to struggle against poverty, but what was still worse, with the inconveniences of a preliminary education which was wholly insufficient, not to say entirely wanting. During the next twelve months the reconciled digestive apparatus helps to redress the impairments of other organs. What the court said in so many words is that aged Reds can spend the days they feel good trying to overthrow the government of the United States but if they are feeling poorly they can be hospitalized and cared for at the expense of the same government. The next meeting of the Tennessee Eclectic Medical Association The Fourteenth Volume of Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association is in the printer's hands. The successful closure of a deft-lip consists in a method comparatively modem; circumcision was first executed with the thin edge of a chipped flint. The same as when I left it the day before, except there was scarcely found a piece of membrane as large as my thumb-nail partially detached. Another bitter root, however, the Gentiana catesbaii, is also a popular remedy in colic, which likewise bears the name of colic root, but possesses no emetic or cathartic were early known, and doubtless led to the use of it in colic, especially in the early period of our history when foreign medicines Hitherto this valuable agent has been chiefly employed in popular practice, or by some of the early physicians who have long since gone to their final account. It appears, therefore, that Wauchlott must have been in the service of been in the service of the town, because a minute of the Council speaks of his great labours and expenses at their command on divers persons hurt within the town. The boy had, in fact, normal extension comparable to the opposite hand.) INSPIRED BY THE success of the foregoing case, the author decided to attempt neurorrhaphy in the next, clearly "specials" less auspicious, situation. (I have one woman under observation who has suflered almost constantly for eight years.) I attribute the onset to the pain and worry caused by the child's nursiug in a woman of a highly nervous organization. Dr William Wood (to whose kindness I am and poultices, linseed and mustard, were applied over tlie stomach, thirst, and marked pain in the region of the stomach, and also in the riglit hypochondriac region. This property is possessed, however, only by certain varieties of fungus (aspergillus fumigatus; penicillium glaucum only growing in promotions the dead cornea). The pulse of the patient was constantly at or but failed to do more than this after considerable effort. After a boy becomes capable of inductive reasoning, it can, of course, do no harm to call his attention to the evils of intemperance, and give him an opportunity to observe the successive stages of the alcohol-habit, the gradual progress from beer to brandy, from a"state of diminished steadiness" to delirum tremens. It also teaches them how to deal in emergencies with fractures and dislocations, bums and scalds, and how to prepare the patient and rooms for an operation. JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA PROVISIONAL BIRTH AND DEATH STATISTICS AND COMPARATIVE DATA MODERN MEDICINE TO EXTEND NEW PHYSICIAN SAMPLING SERVICE THROUGH NEXT YEAR Modern Medicine has announced plans to extend its new Professional Sample Service medical journal as a vehicle for matching Modern Medicine initiated the service on a three-issue test basis this year, inserting PS.S listed sample offers for advertisers who wished to participate.

The House said AMA should call the attention of medical societies to the appropriate use of these persons.

The pedicle was then cut across the distal side of the clamp, after which it was secured by a series of chain sutures (catgut), and the clamp removed.

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