In others, predominant disorder in the head appears only in the advanced progress of the fever; the patient' complaining of severe throbbing and distracting headache, and of a feeling as if the cranium case, violent delirmm, or maniacal excitement, often supervenes, and rapidly passes into coma, or stupor, or is removed by treatment. In all cases of this kind, jreiule exercise in the open air; the use of the artificial waters of jMarienbad, and Eger, or of Seltzer or Seidschutz; and strict attention to a moderate, digestible, and cooling diet; will prove of essential mainly depend upon the character of the vascular action, and vital power, and tlie nature of the existing pulmonary lesion.

Among these we may mention mental anxiety, caused by business reverses or family misfortunes; poverty, because of the insufficient food it is alone able to furnish; excessive physical or intellectual labor, under the pressure of necessity; general debility; impurity of the blood, due to the poison of fever or cholera; and disease of the lungs, brain, or liver. This impression is confirmed by the immediate effects of a dose of opening medicine, as the patient for a brief period after its action feels much lighter and freer.

It is, indeed, true that no expression can come out of the mouth the type or root of which has not had some habitation in which, although it may not have remained long enough to taint, has nevertheless left its mark upon the impressionable mind? Therefore, it would be both wrong and unjust to judge any one, man, woman, or child, by the ravings of delirium. Both ends should "" be sought for and tied, a proceeding easier said than done. OME of the most frequent diseases of children are characterized by fever and an eruption.

The Strongylus filaria of the lamb, and its analogue, the Strongylus micrurus of the calf, as a general rule induce disease in these animals in early life. - hence all cancerous tumours may be said consist of a fibro-cellular or fibro-cicatricial stroma (Plate IV., g.


A witty French writer has well said:"The youth recovers in three days from the dissipation of three months; the old man requires three months to recover from the dissipation of three days." Simply cooked, fresh, and varied meats, and all easily digested vegetables, are always permissible. In reply to the question,"Do we operate on all cases of deformity of the femur?" the speaker said that if they got good function and good alignment they did not operate if they had even as much as one inch shortening. The clerk and book-keeper are free from the anxieties of large investments, and their employment is almost mechanical. Franciscus, first vice-president; Frank V. From a careful observation of their effects in many cases, I believe that they will prove beneficial in some cases, and injurious in others, according to the period and state of fever, and the mode of prescribing them. In larger or long-continued doses it causes headache, deafness, ringing in the ears, and similar symptoms, a condition known as" quininism." As a tonic it is useful in all cases of debility where there is no tendency to inflammation or bleeding.

Owing to their nature, often present more prominent characters in fevers, and hence attach to themselves greater importance than they are actually entitled to. More or less swelling, which retains the impression of the finger for a short time. The case recently recorded by M. The inference is most probably correct; yet experience shows that such a state of disease can but rarely be recognised. This herb grows in wet mowing land, by the side of brooks. Such a sjslem is obiiously one for periodical inquiry with a view to revision EuggesteJ by experience. The wound drained freely and the condition was favorable. It was a frontal lobe condition. Scarcity, famine, and, consequently, insufficient, and unwholesome nourishment, among the lower classes of the community, are the chief causes of the generation and spread of fevers, especially those of a simple, low, and infectious character. Breast the second day as soon as the secretion of milk was established; but the milk of the sick mother, though of good aspect and taste, did not agree with it.

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