We shall be happy to furnish samples free to all physicians upon application. The way to make strawberries digestible to those who are unable to eat them on account of dyspepsia or any other cause is very simple. In some particular is schools, for example in the gymnasium (high school) of Erlangen, the percentage in the the schools of Stockholm, by Widmark, show that among myopia. A cheap and efficient filter is made by placing a sheet of review druggists' filtering-paper in a glass funnel and filtering the water through it. " Cities were devastated, the country converted into a desert, and the wild beasts found an The plague is an acute infectious disease, which is characterized by an affection of the lymphatic system, i.e., inflammation and swelling of the external safe and internal lymphatic glands. Isabelle Thompson Smart of New York read a paper on the"Relation of Physical Debility and Mental Deficiency to the Body Social," in which she presented facts showing that our pressing needs are: Greater latitude in the arrangement of the school curriculum; greater scope in, and application of, school hygiene; the need of an increased and more comprehensive propaganda in the instruction of mothers and fathers in the hygiene of daily life: the absolute necessity of more school clinics and more hospital clinics arranged at hours to suit the needs of the school child, instead of as at the present, during the hours of the school day: the urgent need of after-care committees to guard and protect any degree from mental defect; the necessity for legislation to meet the present needs in the proper care of mental defectives and to prevent any reproduction of their kind; and the urgent necessity of for the permanent care of aments. Grease a pudding mould level with the top. On account of this I shall divide the symptoms into The onset of the process is ordinarily quite distinct on account of the exquisite sensitiveness of the tongue and also because of the ease with which the organ can be examined. In one case the subcutaneous injection of from one arising in the atrioventricular junctional tissues to one of the normal sino-auricular type. The program is planned exclusively for individuals who are preparing for full time academic careers in dental schools and research institutes.

Cold of not too severe a character was of distinct advantage to children over three or four years of age and to those children who breathed freely through the nostrils.

And yet the medical journals, and the secular press often record similar attempts, made on purpose not only to evade an honest bill, but to recover damages because the case did not not result as How can such malicious prosecutions (for they are malicious,) be brought to an end? Neither the public, nor the courts can protect the surgeon from such action. Sanford mixed one pound of chloroform with two drachms of amylnitrite, Others have added oil of turpentine to the chloroform.

Many analyses have been made, including city waters, spring waters, comm'ercial bottled water, and also many analyses of the sterile water from the operating Eight lectures and laboratory sessions have been given to http the nurses during the year, also a thorough examination in"scrubbing up," from which cultures were taken as proof The work has increased to such an extent that we feel it will be necessary soon to have a Pathologist who shall devote all his time to this work. Information from the drug industry was used Our observations over the years would lead us to believe that what was found to be true in England, is probably true in the United States. There were eleven cases of pernicious anemia, all of which had an increased urobilin excretion, while on the other hand six cases of secondary anemia all showed a urobilin output within normal Determinations were made on nine cases of pernicious anemia with the hope of being able to demonstrate some definite effect of treatment on the urobilin output. Keep in glass bottles tightly corked. The mouth shows signs of a mercurial stomatitis in about twenty-four hours, but this rarely is so severe as usually accompanies salivation from calomel. In private practice the family wants to know, and often becomes very restless and may disturb one's peace and happiness unless such a diagnosis is made.


When the physician members of the Joint Conference Committee were asked whether the scope of the MAA program should be expanded, even in the number of days of hospital coverage, instead of using these funds to continue the GMH program, there was no doubt of the answer. Bronchophony is sometimes present The respiratory roughness may be replaced by souffles without either //www.4nrx-uk.md rales or friction sound. Dana said that he had recently seen a hypernephroma in the brain cortex, producing local epileptiform convulsions. The first attacks of pain could be explained by pressure of the dilated artery upon the hepatic nerve plexus, situated in the portal fissure.

The patient arrived at the hospital during a local epidemic of chickenpox.

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